Week 12 of the MLB Power Rankings

Week 12 of the MLB Power Rankings

A simple title this week to discuss what we talk about every week. Where in the power rankings do each of the MLB teams stand.

We’re getting into the heat of the summer and will soon hit the All-Star Break, which generally signifies the middle of the baseball season. From there, it almost feels like a sprint to the finish to see which teams will play for the World Series trophy.

The San Francisco Giants Make it Back to the Top

A four-game sweep if the Diamondbacks went a long way to vaulting the Giants into the top position. The record of 46-26 doesn’t hurt this bid at all. The Giants were third on the list last week but now lead one of the toughest divisions in baseball and look like a team that will be standing tall as we come closer to the postseason.

The Los Angeles Dodgers are in the Second Spot

The top two teams in the power rankings this week come from the same division, which will make for an interesting run through the rest of the season. The Dodgers were in fourth last week but have won 10 of their last 13 games and have some of their starters coming back from injury. Right now, this team has a 44-28 record and looks to get stronger.

We See the Houston Astros in the Third Position

Currently, the longest active winning streak is part of the Astros record which was at eight games as of Monday night. The Astros carry a 44-28 record and vaulted from the seventh position to third this week. This record now has the Astros at the top of the American League West and in a position where they should be one of the teams we see in the playoffs this year.

The Chicago White Sox Drop to Fourth

Last week, this team was in the second spot but after getting swept by the Astros, they drop to fourth. Their record of 43-29 is still one of the best in the league and is certainly enough to keep them on top of their division. We might not see this team above this spot in the power rankings the rest of the season, but it should be good enough to win their division.

Falling to Fifth We See the Tampa Bay Rays

After being on top of this list last week, the Rays suddenly lost six straight games, which put them in the fifth spot only a week later. Their record of 43-30 is still very strong and gives them the lead in a typically tough division. We may see this team standing at the end of the season.

The San Diego Padres Move Up to Sixth

The Padres are still among the strongest teams in the power rankings, even though they are third in their own division. The record of 43-32 along with five straight wins moved this team from the eighth position last week up to the sixth spot. It’s going to be a battle down the stretch to see which teams will be part o the postseason from the NL West.

Seventh Belongs to the Boston Red Sox

The Red Sox fell from fifth to seventh, even though they carry an excellent record of 43-29 after twelve weeks. The trouble with this team is inconsistency and a patchwork starting rotation that hasn’t been solidified. Don’t expect these problems to continue, it’s very likely the Red Sox will be one of the toughest teams for the rest of the season and could make a deep playoff run.

The Eighth Spot Belongs to the Oakland Athletics

The A’s will likely be the only team to challenge the Astros for the AL West title and they currently bring a 44-30 record through twelve weeks. This team has been up and down the power rankings and we just don’t know where they will be near the end of the season just yet. This team could be the only one to keep the Astros from winning the AL West title.

The Rest of the Week 12 MLB Power Rankings

9. New York Mets 37-30

10. Milwaukee Brewers 40-33

11. Chicago Cubs 40-33

12. Cleveland Indians 40-30

13. New York Yankees 38-33

14. Toronto Blue Jays 35-35

15. Seattle Mariners 38-36

16. Cincinnati Reds 35-36

17. Philadelphia Phillies 34-36

18. Los Angeles Angels 36-36

19. Atlanta Braves 34-37

20. St. Louis Cardinals 36-36

21. Washington Nationals 33-36

22. Minnesota Twins 31-41

23. Kansas City Royals 32-38

24. Miami Marlins 31-40

25. Colorado Rockies 30-43

26. Detroit Tigers 30-42

27. Pittsburgh Pirates 25-45

28. Texas Rangers 26-46

29. Baltimore Orioles 23-49

30. Arizona Diamondbacks 21-53

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