7 Of The Oddest Human Phobias

There are plenty of phobias that seem pretty normal. No one would call a fear of spiders, heights, or even clowns too far out there.

Outside of what we consider normal phobias exist an entire world of strange fears that are sometimes hard to believe exist.

Here are just seven of the oddest human phobias:

1. Arachibutyrophobia: The Fear of Peanut Butter Sticking To The Roof Of Your Mouth

It’s one thing to have to watch out for what we pack in the kids’ lunches because someone at school might be allergic to peanuts, but it’s something completely different when arachibutyrophobia is involved. Someone who suffers from this fear avoids eating this popular food. While this may not mean the sufferer can’t live a normal life, it does mean they will miss out on the health benefits of this tasty snack.

2. Heliphobia: Fear of Sunlight

Technically, vampires might be considered heliphibic since they prefer to stay out of the sunlight. While it’s rare, there are those out there with an intense fear of sunlight. In some cases, this fear applies to any bright light. The fear is mostly stemmed from a fear of the dangers of the sun, like sunburns and cancer. Sadly for these folks, the sun offers a variety of benefits like bone health and mood regulation.

3. Deipnophobia: The Fear of Dinner Coversations

If you’re trying to get out of dinner with your in-laws, you might consider coming down with a case of deipnophobia. This phobia is more than just being introverted or having social anxiety. This fear can be absolutely debilitating when it comes time for a meal. The good news is that not talking during dinner might actually help your digestion.

4. Syngenesophobia: The Fear of Relatives

If you really want to avoid that holiday dinner with the family, tell them your deipnophobia is combined with syngenesophobia. This isn’t just the embarrassment we feel when we’re around our kin, nor is it just being frustrated at listening to your uncle’s wild conspiracy theories. People with this fear often cut off all ties with the family and should probably seek professional help to avoid living a life of solitude.

5. Geniophobia: The Fear of Chins

The chin is probably one of the most overlooked areas of a person’s face. It’s just kind of there. It doesn’t do much and certainly isn’t worth fear. Sadly, there are those out there who suffer from a fear of this lower part of your face. While this phobia is pretty innocuous, it can make holding a conversation rather difficult.

6. Chorophobia: The Fear of Dancing

The absolute worst way to put Baby in a corner is to force someone who suffers from Chorophobia to watch Dirty Dancing. This fear isn’t really related to being self-conscious on the dance floor. Any situation that relates to dancing can fill this person with dread.

7. Neophobia: The Fear of New Things

If you’ve made it this far, you probably do not suffer from neophobia. Sure, most people don’t exactly enjoy change. Someone who has an intense and irrational fear of all new things can miss out on a lot of happiness in life. Studies actually show that the stress of this phobia can actually lead to a shorter lifespan.

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