9 College Student Dishes for Better Eating

9 College Student Dishes for Better Eating

It’s important for a college student to know what kinds of dishes they can make so they can eat healthier when away at school.

As a college student, cooking can be a big part of the experience and offer a calming experience.  If you want to get away from the cafeteria, take out food, and the world of Ramen noodles, you’ll want to use these nine recipes to enjoy good food and healthier eating.

Get Ready for Some Delicious Fried Rice

This is a fantastic dish to make because you can add what you want and mix ingredients that meet your flavor desires.  The foundation of the meal is rice but adding vegetables, meat, and sauces makes it perfect for any student to have a meal that’s easy to prepare and enjoy.  Check out this Healthy Homemade Fried Rice recipe and see if it’s one you can add to the menu.

Make Some Eggs

Affordable and easy to make, one of the best college student dishes you should know how to make is eggs.  Of course, we all have our favorite way to have eggs, but if you’ve never made them, you might want to start with one of these recipes to create the egg-based dish that you’ll love.  Make scrambled or fried eggs as part of any meal.

Make a Wrap

College students are always on the go unless they are napping.  If you want to have a lunch that’s ready and quick that you can eat while you walk, during class, or when watching TV, a lunch wrap is a great idea.  This recipe is for a Chicken Ranch Wrap, but you can change the meat, veggies, or sauce and have a wrap that is exactly what you want to enjoy.

Prepare Your Favorite Stir Fry

When you want a meal that brings several flavors to your palette stir fry is a great way to do it.  You can start with the sauces you want to enjoy and a few vegetables and add your favorite meat to the mix.  If you’re not sure where to start and how to make your food the way you want, here is an Easy Chicken Stir Fry recipe that you can use to give you the basics.

Is it Time for a Salad?

When you’re tired of leftover pizza, wings, and peanut butter, it’s time to add a salad into the mix.  One of the best college student dishes you can make is a salad in a jar.  This is an easy way to enjoy the veggies you want and mix them up by shaking the jar to get everything together with the way you want.  Don’t forget those veggies in your diet.

Comfort Food on a Budget

Most college students don’t have a lot of extra cash and when they want comfort food, they want to make something simple.  Thankfully, a grilled cheese sandwich and a bowl of tomato soup can be the right meal for your comfort needs.  The sandwich can be paired with any soup or side that you want so that you can have that comfortable feeling that you miss from home.

Make a Homemade Pizza

Making several homemade pizzas for a party could be better and more affordable than ordering delivery.  This could even be a great activity and teach several college students how to make pizza dishes that everyone can love.  Check out these recipes for homemade pizzas and get ready for some fun and cooking with some of your friends.  You’ll want to do this many times throughout the year.

Get Good at Cooking Chicken

Whether you fry or grill your chicken, this can be the meat that you eat the most.  Chicken is one of the most versatile meats you’ll find and it’s typically one of the most affordable as well.  You can add it to vegetables, to pasta, to rice, or anything else where it could make a great center item in your meal. Learn how to make your chicken and you might never need to head to the dining hall again.

Taco Tuesdays All Year Long

Tacos are a favorite of nearly every college student and the meat is the most important part of the taco.  This means you need to know how to make the best taco meat and be the place where your friends what to gather on Tuesday nights.  Use this taco meat recipe and teach it to your friends to allow it to be one of the most important college student dishes that everyone can make.

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