9 Must-See Documentaries on Netflix

9 Must-See Documentaries on Netflix

Netflix documentaries have become some of the most popular items on this streaming service that has taken over our entertainment time.

Hoards of people are tuning in to see the story of different events and how interesting, horrifying, and strange the world can be. Many times, the hook to these documentaries is something unexpected that turns the story on its head and makes you cringe. Let’s see what stories you should tune in and see that you’ll be amazed are actually real.

Abducted in Plain Sight

This documentary came out in 2017 and is the story of a family that seems perfect that was nearly completely destroyed in the 1970s. A sociopathic neighbor became obsessed with a 12-year-old girl and eventually began to destroy the Broberg family. You have to watch this documentary just to see how crazy the events became and how things unfolded into a spiraling vortex of criminal activity.

Black Holes: The Edge of All We Know

If you’re interested in the scientific process and how scientists go about learning about black holes and pursuing knowledge, you’ll want to tune in and watch. This is one of the Netflix documentaries that will grab your mind and give you the story you want about what happens when looking for black holes and how to find them. Tune in and get your geek on with this series.

Bob Ross: Happy Accidents, Betrayal, and Greed

You won’t suddenly think that Bob Ross was a bad man by watching this documentary, but you will learn the disturbing truth behind the business that was named for the artist. Bob Ross is a beloved artist that was featured for many years on PBS and this documentary shows how he became a pop culture icon and what his philosophy of painting was. You’ll see some of the man behind the canvas but will be riveted by how his business took advantage of him.


Among the Netflix documentaries you can tune into, you’ll likely enjoy this 2016 series more than many others. 13thgives us a story of the campaign of Martin Luther King, Jr, and his charge to secure voting rights during his march from Selma to Montgomery in Alabama in 1965. The focus of the 13th is around how the American prison system has become a new form of slavery while highlighting the work of Dr. King.

Amanda Knox

Another documentary from 2016 is Amanda Knox. This is the story of a woman twice convicted and acquitted of murdering her roommate while she was going to school in Italy. The story is deeply tangled and there’s a ton of amazing footage for you to see when you watch. You’ll explore both sides of things including whether you think she is guilty or not.

Louis Theroux: The City Addicted to Crystal Meth

Many communities in the country are being torn by crystal meth and this is a documentary that takes you down the journey and shows why this happens. Among the Netflix documentaries you can watch, this one might be the most gripping and could hit close to home. This is a rampant problem in many cities regardless of size. It seems no place in America is safe from this damning drug.

Metallica: Some Kind of Monster

One of the best music documentaries ever made, this is a candid look at the making of the 2003 album St. Anger that Metallica offered for our enjoyment. You’ll see the journey chronicled and see how different band members face troubles and have a low time together. It’s easy to see how some of the members feel the band might not continue to survive together.

Crip Camp

In one of the latest Netflix documentaries, you can see a story of a summer camp for disabled teens called Camp Jened that was located in the Catskills in the 1970s. This is a heartwarming story that takes you through how the camp was formed, how the campers enjoyed their time, and how some of the campers have grown up and become successful adults after gaining confidence that was part of what this camp taught them.

Challenger: The Final Flight

If you were old enough in 1986 to remember the Space Shuttle: Challenger blowing up only a couple of minutes after takeoff, you’ll want to watch this documentary. The 73 seconds the shuttle was in the air resulted in one of the most horrific events of the NASA space program with no survivors. This four-part documentary will take you on a journey with the surviving families and the astronauts that were aboard the shuttle.

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