These 5 World-Renowned Companies Have Shocking Plans for the Future

These 5 World-Renowned Companies Have Shocking Plans for the Future

The electric vehicle movement is on, and many companies are transitioning from gasoline models to use electricity to power their fleets.

Not only do we see automakers offering customers new EV models to be the privately-owned vehicles that are used every day, but some companies are also using electric delivery trucks to bring products to the market. The movement from gasoline to a renewable energy source, electricity, is on, and more companies are getting into the mix to find out how they can benefit and invest in the future of transportation around the world.

FordPro Charging is a Comprehensive Solution

Fleet operators are looking at the new electric models from Ford and asking how they can integrate these vehicles into their fleet seamlessly. It would be a huge interruption in most companies to instantly transfer from gas to electric models to improve the drive and experience out on the road. The new E-Transit and F-150 Lightning are the vehicles these fleet managers are looking at, but the charging process is a challenge. This is where the FordPro technology comes in.

FordPro Charging allows fleet managers to have the flexibility needed to charge up vehicles wherever needed. This could mean setting up charging depots at the business location, asking employees to charge vehicles at home with reimbursement of costs, or the use of public charging stations. This is the most flexible charging structure offered for fleet operators using electric vehicles.

With the expected growth of sales, flexibility will be necessary. While most of these electric delivery vehicles will be charged at the depot, having options could lead to more dynamic management of various fleets as companies transition to all-electric vehicles for the future of their operations that will run only on electricity.

An Investment in the Electric Vehicle Future from Bank of America

To have more electric vehicles on the road, more charging stations will need to be offered. This requires an investment from companies that are willing to put up the money to get things started. Bank of America is making that investment into the future of driving electric models in the United States and in the United Kingdom.

That’s right; this company is investing in a global market of electric driving by starting with two of the biggest markets for these vehicles (with the exception of China) by adding more than 200 charging ports in both countries. Some of these stations are being placed at Bank of America locations to be a benefit to employees that can use them while they are working during the day. Other stations will be set up for public use.

This investment in electric vehicles and their needs is in partnership with Electrify America to bring more electric solutions to the market. Bank of America is also offering discounts to employees for installing home charging stations and solar panels.

An Entire Fleet of Electric Vehicle Models to Deliver Cliff Bars

Over the next eight years, we will likely see more companies transition from gasoline and diesel vehicles to use electric vehicles for all delivery services. One company has already made this announcement and is working toward this goal. Cliff Bar & Company is working to keep their healthy nature intact by being environmentally friendly with EV models delivering the goods. This company has vowed to have this transition completed by 2030 when it will only have electric trucks used to bring you the bars that you love to enjoy.

Cliff Bar & Company will not only use electric models for the future but will also install electric vehicle charging stations at all facilities to make it much easier for their fleet managers to handle the charging and keep vehicles out on the road. This venture falls under EV100 for this company based in Emeryville, CA.

Employees of Cliff Bar will also enjoy financial incentives to support the purchase of commuter bicycles, hybrids (fuel-efficient models, not performance machines), and EVs.

The Electric Truck for Everyone Will Arrive at Your Nearby GMC Dealer

We already see the electric super truck, the GMC Hummer EV, but this is not the truck you want at the job site. In fact, with the price of the Hummer EV, you might want to keep this truck away from an area where you need to get work done. What alternative does your GMC dealer have for you? Welcome in the new 2022 GMC Sierra EV.

This new version of the Sierra will ride on the Sierra 1500 platform and be offered as an option for the Denali trim. This model will help to give you the truck you can take to work and experience at the job every day without thinking you’re going to damage an extremely expensive vehicle.

While this model is going to start at the top trim level, expect your GMC dealer to have lower trims offered in the upcoming years to give us more of the work trucks we expect to see from this brand.

IKEA Makes a More Aggressive EV100 Commitment

Why would a home furnishing company be interested in electric vehicles? The same reason as a company making food bars and healthy snacks would be interested in these vehicles. IKEA will transition its delivery fleet to EV models around the world and will install charging stations at all of its stores as well. That’s an incredible venture, considering what it means to go to IKEA.

Your visit to IKEA could mean enjoying some Swedish meatballs, shopping for furniture that you’ll have to assemble at home, and charging your electric vehicle, all at the same time. Not only will the stores have electric charging stations, but the fleet of vehicles also used to deliver products for this company will be only electric.

How aggressive is IKEA going to be in transitioning to electric? By 2025, all delivery vehicles will be electric vehicle models to give this company a full fleet of EVs to bring products to our homes. IKEA has already moved to last-mile electric in many areas around the world and will use only electric vehicles by 2025.

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