All The Cliffhangers In the Manifest Season Three Finale

All The Cliffhangers In the Manifest Season Three Finale

Fans everywhere were devastated to learn that the cliffhangers in the third and final season of Manifest would go unanswered.

That is, of course, until Netflix picked up the show and announced a season four coming in the near future. With the shockers and questions raised by the season three finale, it’s going to be difficult to be patient while new episodes are in the works.

Here are the cliffhangers you need to know about before season four hits the air. If you’re not caught up on Manifest, there may be some spoilers ahead, so read with caution.

Eagan’s Showdown

The season three finale left with Eagan holding Vance’s son hostage. The tension between Michaela and Jared was so thick that it could be scooped up and saved in a jar, especially once the truth about Saanvi’s involvement in Major/Sarah’s death came to light. Jared and Mitch had it out on the same street where Vance lives while Zeke gave his wife the four most anxiety-producing words in the English language, “we need to talk.”

Ben and Saanvi Out To Sea

While Vance is dealing with all kinds of personal issues, Ben and Saanvi attempt to return the purloined tail fin to its proper resting place. This task involved leading a U.S. Coast Guard vessel into the ocean. The hope was that doing this would bring Cal back after he touched the fin and disappeared.

The journey out to sea took a turn when the violent storm of dark clouds made an appearance. The captain turned the boat around as Saanvi rushed to unshackle the tail fin. She toppled with it as it fell into the water. She was in real trouble until Ben jumped in to save her, although it’s hard to know if they are safe or not. We last see them into a calling on Flight 828. They saw Cal and asked him where he was and how to stop whatever he was so afraid of. His only response: “This is the way it has to be.”

Angelina Is To Blame?

Michaela, also trapped in the calling, finally solves the mystery of which 828 passenger is a threat: It’s Angelina.

Angelina was able to sneak the stone home where she wanted to perform something of a baptism ceremony with baby Eden, her “guardian angel.” When Angelina started Grace with her presence, she ended up brutally stabbing Eden’s mother. She was left for dead while Angelina took off with the child.

Cal, who had vanished earlier, somehow returned to the bedroom as the tail fit was returned to the ocean floor. The crazy thing is that the Cal who was holding his dying mother was now only 17 years old, the same age as his twin Olive.

Grace blurts out the words “take care of each other.” Cal’s only response was to say, “It’s OK. I know what to do now.”

There’s More

If this episode of Manifest didn’t offer enough twists and turns, there’s a final scene with Dr. Gupta. He’s clocking out for the night at Eureka when Captain Daly appears in the plane’s salvaged cockpit. Then, out of nowhere, the entire plane vanishes from the research lab in a flash.

That’s it. The episode ends, leaving viewers with emotions twisted like a pretzel. The good news is that Netflix decided to pick up the show and hopefully provide the answers and ending that viewers deserve.

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