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There’s not a single GMC dealer in the country that isn’t ecstatic about the return of the Hummer SUV. The original vehicle under this name was popular not only because tons of celebrities had one but also because it was a unique ride.

This larger-than-life SUV gave drivers a sense of style, plenty of power, and a new status level.

Unfortunately, the original Hummer didn’t have a long life. Part of the reason was that it was known for guzzling gas by the gallon. Activists across the world united in opposing what they considered a wasteful example of arrogance. It was an awesome vehicle, but public opinion finally took over, and this ride faded into the history books.

Until now…

The Return Of The Hummer

General Motors is bringing this iconic vehicle back to your local GMC dealer. The new version of the Hummer is going to retrain the massive personality that it had in the past with one major difference: this Hummer is all-electric.

While the reinvented GMC SUV won’t hit your favorite GMC dealer until 2024, there is more than enough information about there to cause excitement.

Powered By Electricity

If you remember the days when GMC Hummer models roamed the open roads, you’ll be fully aware of the criticism they received for their reliance on gasoline. What if you could have the same amazing look and performance but didn’t use a single drop of fuel? The new Hummer EV is exactly that.

Of course, one of the criticisms of EVs is that that they don’t offer enough range to actually be useful. Who wants to drive a car that needs to be recharged every few miles? Nothing could be farther from the truth with the Hummer EV. This beast is expected to get over 300 miles of range on a full charge.

Experience the Power of the Hummer EV

Just because you’re not rocking a V8 engine doesn’t mean your new Hummer EV can’t light up the road. This SUV is powered by a 200-kWh battery back connected to two electric motors. This setup earns you 625 horsepower and 7,400lb-ft of calculated torque.

For those who want more power, faster speeds, and more towing capability, there is a three-motor option that produces 830 hp and 11,500 lb-ft of calculated torque. With an EV this capable, you may never go back to a gas engine again.

Cruise In Style

Thanks to fresh features like the all-new infinity roof, you’ll be able to make an impression on every commute. This innovative system allows you to remove all four transparent sky panels and I-bar above the front seats. The result is an open-air experience that will make both Jeep and convertible drivers green with jealousy.

If the air is a little too cold for a topless drive, you can still enjoy the transparent glass that makes the ultimate sunroof. The glass was created to deflect the sun while opening up the world around you.

Inside, you can enjoy upscale leather stitching and updated accents throughout the cabin. Throw in tons of interior storage space, and you have a ride ready to suit your needs.

Are You Ready For The New Hummer?

Now that you know the newest SUV to hit your local GMC dealer is a maxed-out electric Hummer, would you drive one? If you’re like most drivers who appreciate performance, comfort, and range, the answer is an undeniable “yes.”

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