Cadillac Innovations That Make Life Easier

Cadillac Innovations That Make Life Easier

When you purchase a new or used Cadillac, you’re not just getting a luxury automobile with a recognizable name. You’re getting a vehicle that improves your life. Cadillac has always been ahead of its time with its technology, so even a used Cadillac has competitive options with today’s brand new cars.

Here are some of the innovative ways Cadillac leads the way:

Say Hello To Super Cruise

While many brands are trying to offer some kind of semi-autonomous driving feature on their new vehicles, Cadillac’s Super Cruise was here first. This system uses LiDAR mapping data along with a series of camera and radar sensors to give you a hands-free driving experience like nothing else on the road.

To ensure you are always safe, Super Cruise uses an advanced driver attention system to make sure you don’t lose focus.

Your Smart Phone Is Part Of The Drive

No other brand allows for the level of mobile integration that you get from a new or used Cadillac. With standard features like Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and Siri voice-command, your phone is part of your car. From streaming music to making hands-free calls, your Cadillac can do it all. Throw in wireless charging, and your phone will stay connected and stay charged.

When you load the MyCaddillac mobile app, your phone becomes an even more powerful part of your drive. Even when you’re not in your car, the MyCadiilac app allows you to control your Cadillac’s remote start, door locks, climate control, and more. You can even send directions directly to your available in-dash navigation system or set parking reminders.

Wi-Fi On The Go in your Cadillac

Cadillac allows you to upgrade your vehicle with built-in Wi-Fi. This system can connect up to seven devices from as far as 50 feet away. So long as the car is in the ACC position or is running, everyone can stay connected.

With this kind of connectivity, your new or used Cadillac could easily become your new mobile office.

Enjoy The Sound Track Of Your Life In Stereo

Whether you’re cruising down the open highway on a weekend road trip or just working your way through the daily grind, you deserve high-quality sound. Cadillac now gives you the option to enjoy the studio-quality sounds of an AKG audio system or go right to the top with a premium Bose sound system.

Your Oasis Awaits in a Cadillac

Cadillac doesn’t only make your life easier with technology and less distracted driving, but it also adds to your drive-through luxury. Every Cadillac interior is made to be exclusively comfortable. From leather seats to natural wood finishes, you might think that you’re in a mobile spa.

Cadillac’s attention to detail and excellence combine to tailor your perfect driving experience. You’ll be able to de-stress after a long day or just feel secure in your extended comfort seats.

Cadillac has always been on the cutting edge of making lives better. Maybe it’s time you get to enjoy some of that improvement for yourself. Stop by your local Cadillac dealer and experience the life-changing options that only this brand has to offer.


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