10 Plants for Beginner Gardeners

If you want the real deal but you’ve never grown plants before, you’ll be glad to have some that work well for beginner gardeners.

Live plants are a great way to make your space more interesting, and your friends and family will be amazed that someone without a green thumb can grow real plants. Thankfully, the best way for you to get started is with some easy-to-grow plants that adapt to surroundings, don’t mind if you forget them sometimes and aren’t picky about their soil. We’ve got ten that can get you started and make your home look great.

ZZ Plants are Great

When you want a hardy plant that is easy to grow indoors, the ZZ plant is what you want in your home. The ZZ name stands for Zamioculcus Zamiifolia, but you’ll just call it ZZ. This tough plant thrives in low light and can be put almost anywhere in your home. If you’re afraid you’ll forget about your plant and it will die, this is what you want in your home. You might forget to water it, but it won’t care.

Enjoy Some Irish Spirit with Some Shamrocks

If you’ve ever had clover in your grass, you’ve seen shamrocks. These are the three-leaf versions, and here and there, you’ll find four-leaf clovers among them. If you don’t want to see your shamrocks become weeds, you’ll want to keep them in a container. These are super easy to grow and are one of the best plants for beginner gardeners to enjoy. All you’ve got to do is put the pot in a sunny spot and water it when you remember. Even if the shamrocks die, they will come back quickly once you water and trim them.

A Great Vine for Your Home is the Philodendron

Many viny plants can be difficult to kill, but one of the hardiest species you’ll find is the Philodendron. This is a plant that handles both low and high light and needs water when the leaves get droopy. If you forget to water it for a few weeks, that’s ok; the Philodendron can go for up to a month without water. Give this plant something to climb on, and soon, you’ll see it all over the structure.

Aloe Vera is Easy to Grow and Good for You

You can cut a portion of an Aloe Vera plant off and use it for rough skin or sunburns when you make a salve from the leaves. Aloe is a hardy succulent that is easy to grow. You can put it in a sunny spot, and it will grow well. The only time you need to water this plant is when it’s completely dry. This is easily one of the best plants for beginner gardeners, and it could be a wonderful addition to any patio or balcony.

Lucky Bamboo Will Give You Years of Beauty

The Lucky Bamboo plant grows in various ways. You can grow it in just water, and it will keep on going, or you can put it in soil and give it water from time to time. These plants like indirect sunlight but aren’t very picky about where you put them. It is a good idea to give Lucky Bamboo bottled water; sometimes your city water can turn the leaves brown on these plants.

Forget Watering, Grow some Cacti

If you want to liven up your home with something other than green plants, Cacti grow in various shapes, sizes, and colors. You know from seeing these plants thrive in the desert that you don’t have to do much to keep them alive. Give them lots of sunshine, a warm room, and almost no water, and you’ll have some wonderful plants to enjoy. In fact, the most common way these plants have died at the hands of beginner gardeners is through overwatering.

Can You Grow Topiary Plants Indoors?

Of course, you can grow Topiary plants indoors; you can grow these plants wherever you want. Topiaries are historically popular in estates and manors of England and France, but they can become great additions to your home. Grow these impressive plants on frames and use various shapes to give them interest or keep them for decorating during the holidays. It’s simple to grow these plants, they just need the shape to follow, sun, and a little fertilizer. Watering is only necessary when they are nearly dry.

Pothos, the Plant that Keeps Coming Back

If you know you’ll forget your plants from time to time, a Pothos is a great option for your home. These plants are strong and durable and will bounce back when you forget them with just a little water. Typical house temperatures are perfect for Pothos, and you can grow them in a pot on a shelf or hanging from your ceiling like a hanging vine. These plants enjoy both low and high light and are some of the most durable plants in the world.

The Spider Plant is an Easily Adaptable House Plant

You can place a spider plant anywhere in your home, and it will do well. If you see some brown tips develop, this means you’re giving this plant too much fertilizer, or there are too many minerals in the water. This plant has a spider-like shape and grows little hanging plants from the center in yellow and green leaves. Some of these plants grow white flowers, and they are great as natural air filters. This is one of the best plants for beginner gardeners to enjoy.

Oakleaf Ivy Can Grow Everywhere

There are some plants in the world that just grow everywhere you put them, and Oakleaf Ivy is one of them. The dark green leaves offer beauty to your home, and the vines will cling to anything and everything. You will need to trim back the Oakleaf Ivy if you have it in your home. A decorative basket or ceiling hanger can be a great way to display this plant for your visitors to enjoy.

Will you choose some of these plants to give you a great-looking home, full of life and green leaves? These plants are easy to care for and great for beginner gardeners.

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