What Country Has the Best Food? Top 10 Countries for Foodies

What Country Has the Best Food? Top 10 Countries for Foodies

When you want to enjoy the best food, you also want to head to the country where that food is native. This is the only way to truly understand the food.

Sure, you could order some Chinese takeout, go to Olive Garden, or enjoy some tacos right in your own town, but these items aren’t typically authentic to the countries they represent. Even American food isn’t as authentic in some places, and certainly not from chain restaurants. Nope, if you’re a foodie and you want to spend your time sampling authentic cuisine, put these then countries on your list to visit and enjoy the food they have to offer.

The United States is a Great Place to Start

You don’t have to leave home to have some great food, but you do have to get away from the chain restaurants. Those places are good for some food, but none of it is authentic. The United States offers various great food in wonderful places. From southern fried chicken, collard greens, and barbecue to Chicago and New York Pizza, authentic steaks from Texas cattle, and amazing cheese in Wisconsin, you can find some food that is native, authentic, and amazing.

Note: One secret many have found is to find a dive place in a local town; they usually have some of the best food in the area.

Thailand is a Wonderful Place for Good Food

Some of the best food you’ll eat can be found in Thailand. This small country thrives on tourism, which means they have some of the same chains we have here, but you’ll want to get away from that scene to please your pallet. Some of the best Thai dishes are made from fresh seafood, rice, and coconut milk. The local markets have some amazing authentic foods that can challenge your stomach but give you the experience you desire.

Head South to Mexico for Some Real Mexican Food

You’ll want to get away from the border and stay out of the major cities if you want some authentic Mexican cuisine. The flavors, tastes, and smells will amaze you while the food is cooked and served in ways that are much bolder than what you find at your local Taco Bell The food from Mexico is rich in blends of various colors and flavors, giving your tongue a real treat.

Some of the Best Steak is from Argentina

American beef is only rivaled in quality and flavor by Argentinian beef. If you’re looking for some of the best foods from a country that knows how to cook a steak, head to South America and enjoy Argentina. This country isn’t just known for its food, but you’ll love the flavors you find. Of course, you’ve got to pair that steak with a glass of local red wine, another local favorite in this country.

If You Want Spicy, Head to India

Some people love spicy food, and one of the countries with the best food that has a lot of kick and spice to it is India. The cuisine offers a curry-based flavor, which can be wonderful and enjoyable. You’ll have a lot of fun and experience some of the best vegetable flavors when you head to this amazing country to experience the culture and the food that’s offered as part of the native diet.

French Food is Well-Known Around the World

It would be nearly impossible to visit France and not have some wonderful food. From the breads that are carried around and enjoyed all day to the coffee and cakes served in many of the cafes, France knows how to eat. Dinner in France is an event, not just a meal, and you can enjoy something special everywhere. Whether you dine in Paris or you head to the South, there’s always something tasty on the menu that adds to the romantic experience of this amazing country.

The Tastes of Spain Will Amaze You

Some of the best food in the Mediterranean area is found in Spain. This is where you’ll find some lavish seafood dishes and world-famous bacon delicacies that offer excellent flavors for you to enjoy. Enjoy the wins and the culture of various parts of Spain where you can appreciate the people, the architecture, the views, and, of course, the food. You might want to circle Spain on your list and make sure you visit several times when you want some amazing colors and flavors to cross your tongue.

The Chinese Food is Better in China

Even though your local Chinese restaurant might be run by natives from China, they have often Americanized the menu for the locals. If you want the real thing, you’ve got to go to China. This is a country with elaborate rituals, some around food and amazing tea. The tea in China is so famous it’s ordered and shipped around the globe. There are amazing street foods you can enjoy or some impressive fancy restaurants. No matter what, you won’t look at or think of Chinese food the same ever again.

Italians Know how to Eat

Some people will tell you that the country with the best food in the world is, Italy. There are many different places in the country that offer various foods, wines, and coffees that you’ll never have the same flavor twice when you bounce from town to town. Experience various pasta dishes, incredible ice cream, and the abundance of fresh herbs, seasonings, and olive oil used in the dishes that are served all around Italy.

Japan Offers Some Amazing Food

When you want the true taste of freshness, you’ve got to go to Japan and enjoy the amazing food offered. From sushi made of freshly caught fish to some amazing rice and seafood dishes, you’ll love the flavors and freshness you don’t get with a deep friend diet. Japan is another country that takes tea seriously and offers a ceremony as part of enjoying the beverage. You’ll love the rituals, the ceremonies, and the amazing food offered when you open your pallet to the flavors of Japan.

Which one of these countries do you think has the best food? Are you making a flavor bucket list with these destinations in mind?

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