Electric Cars Are Not One in the Same: Here’s What You Need to Know

Electric Cars Are Not All The Same

While the future is undeniably electric, that doesn’t mean that all-electric vehicles are made equal. In fact, as you begin your search for the perfect EV, you’ll notice that there are so many different options, styles, and performance capabilities to choose from. So what exactly sets one electric vehicle apart from another? Let’s take a look.

Hybrid vs. Electric Vehicles

You’ve heard these terms thrown around a lot lately. And while they might seem interchangeable, they’re not. Hybrid vehicles operate with both an electric battery and a gas-powered engine. The main goal of a hybrid is to reduce fuel emissions, without eliminating gas power entirely.

Most hybrid vehicles allow these two power sources to work in tandem, and some models allow you to rely solely on the battery engine until it’s time to switch over.

It’s important to know that some automakers do a better job building hybrid vehicles than other automakers. For example, Toyota was one of the early automakers revolutionizing the auto industry with their hybrid Prius. Over the years, the Prius has become the staple vehicle all other automakers turn to when developing their own efficient and effective Hybrid models.

Electric Vehicles Offer Varying Levels of Performance

Unlike a hybrid, an all-electric vehicle truly uses all electric power to get you from point A to point B. While this is great as far as sustainability goes, not all electric models offer the same dependability.

Some electric models including the Smart Fortwo Coupe and the all-electric Fiat 500 won’t offer you as great a mile range as the popular EV models from the electric automaker, Tesla. Even within an automaker’s portfolio, take Tesla, for example, there are some electric models that will offer you more range than others.

Understanding range is one of the key features to consider when deciding between one electric car or another.

Charging Time

Your electrical vehicle needs to get its power from somewhere, and for many owners, this means a plug-in at home. The biggest downside to owning an electric vehicle right now is access to a plug-in station. Some automakers have done a better job than others beefing up their charging presence around the nation. Tesla for example has ramped up its efforts to provide charging stations alongside heavy traffic gas stations.

If you do find a charging station, you’ll notice huge discrepancies in charging time between one EV model and another. The long-range Tesla Model X can take up to 12 hours of charge time before it’s ready to go. Other models like the Chevrolet Bolt EV, only demand 7 hours of charge time. Of course, you have to consider your vehicle’s maximum range and its performance feature as this will impact charging time.

Style and Comfort Design Differences

As the automotive industry continued to move toward an electric landscape, style and design differences between automakers have continued to pop up. This has resulted in a varying selection of uniquely designed electric vehicles.

Some automakers have fallen in line with the sleek and minimalistic style that EVs naturally command while others are opting for more futuristic and unorthodox designs.

While the design doesn’t impact performance specifically, it will impact the way you feel and even how you drive when you are behind the wheel.

Choosing an Electric Vehicle That Works for You

Because EV models are slowly but surely dominating the automotive landscape, doing your research before you start tapping into your phone, the best electric cars for sale near me, is the best way to equip yourself to make the right choice.

Understanding what you want from your electric vehicle, how you need it to serve you, and what features are most important to your comfort and style preferences will allow you to distinguish whether one EV is better than another.

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