Nissan Unveils Hyper Urban Concept In Japan

Nissan Unveils Hyper Urban Concept In Japan

The Japan Mobility Show is scheduled to begin later this month, but Nissan is revealing several EV concepts in advance of the show. While these concepts might never end up at your local Nissan dealer, they give consumers an idea of what could be coming next. First up is the Nissan Hyper Urban, which was revealed in the first week of October.

Hyper Means Hyper Excitement

The Nissan Hyper Urban uses the word “hyper” to signify hyper excitement toward the upcoming concept vehicles. The concept was revealed digitally on October 3, and the rest of the series will be revealed digitally one by one until the show’s press day on October 25. Each concept vehicle will be represented by a symbol and show off custom features that add value to various lifestyles.

Nissan stated that its vision for the Japan Mobility Show is to present the company’s ceaseless dedication to revolutionizing the EV landscape and enriching its customers’ lives through transformative technologies and products.

The Nissan Hyper Urban was officially revealed on October 3 in the Japanese automaker’s new vehicle design hall located inside the Nissan Technical Center in Atsugi, Kanagawa, Japan.

Dedicated To a Cleaner World

Part of Nissan’s goal is to work toward a cleaner world powered by electric vehicles. The Nissan Hyper Urban’s design reflects that with sophisticated lines that will appeal to a specific demographic. As the name suggests, it’s meant to target urban and suburban professionals who are highly interested and engaged in environmental protection and sustainability.

If this car does make it to a Nissan dealer in the future, it will certainly stand out. The exterior design is all sharp angles and ridges, with a somewhat similar design aesthetic to the Tesla Cyber Truck. The cabin and windows are sleek and low profile, and the front fascia is barely recognizable as a standard car front.

Nissan describes the car’s design as a sleek and modern aesthetic, but it definitely has more of that sci-fi flare like the Cyber Truck with wide tires and rugged, sharp lines.

Fully Integrated Into the EV Ecosystem

The Nissan Hyper Urban would connect seamlessly into the EV ecosystem through its V2H function, which can power a house. This would potentially result in lower energy costs for its owners, plus it would reduce some strain on the power grid. The Hyper Urban’s V2G capability would allow owners to also add extra power to the grid, supporting their community and making money at the same time.

The interior of the Hyper Urban is at least as unique as the exterior. The front seats can be folded into the back seats, which results in a single sofa-like seat to relax. Owners could imagine themselves visiting the car on a lunch break and relaxing in the car like a small house.

Although it’s unlikely that this specific car will make it to your Nissan dealer in the near future, this is a glimpse of where the automaker is headed in the EV world.

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