10 Essential Lawn Care Tools for New Homeowners

10 Essential Lawn Care Tools for New Homeowners

As a new homeowner you might have come from an apartment or condo living situation, but now you have a lawn and need some lawn care tools.

One of the proudest moments of your life will be the day you sign your closing documents to purchase your first home. This proud moment not only comes with the new responsibility of the house but the yard surrounding it. This means you need the right stuff to take care of your lawn and make sure you can get things done whenever you’re ready to handle some yard work.

That Grass Isn’t Going to Cut Itself

One of the most important items you can buy to take care of your lawn is a lawnmower. This is a tool that allows you to keep the grass cut at the right height so that you can have a great-looking yard. It’s strange, but that peer pressure you might have felt in school turns into an adult form if your neighbors cut their grass before you. You’ll notice how your lawn looks long and unkempt while theirs looks nice and clean-cut.

You’ve Got to Reach the Hard to Reach Spaces

In addition to a lawnmower, you need a string trimmer, sometimes called a weed eater. This is one of the most important lawn care tools. Without this item, you’ll have to pull the weeds and grass that grow along the fence by hand. This tool can help you keep things looking great along your driveway and walkways while also offering a clean appearance around trees and flowerbeds. Some of these string trimmers double as edgers, giving you the added functionality you desire.

Do You Have Trees? How Are You Going to Get the Leaves Off Your Lawn?

You might not use it very often, but a leaf rake is extremely important when you need to get leaves off your lawn in the fall. If you don’t have leafy trees, this rake can come in handy for grass clippings and when items such as pine needles fall on your yard. It’s important to rake things up and remove them from your lawn to keep the grass healthy and happy.

If You’ve Got Some Flower Beds, You’ll Need a Garden Rake

Whether you already have flower beds or you’re planning to put a few in, you’ll want a long-handled garden rake. This rake is one of the most important lawn care tools for your landscaped areas. If you’ve got to spread mulch or pebbles around some plants, this is a great tool to help you get this done as well. The garden rake is typically made of metal, straight, and has sharp teeth to dig into the dirt or mulch for you.

A Spreader is Necessary for a Great-Looking Lawn

When you have a lawn to care for, you need a spreader to spread grass seed or fertilizer on the yard. Your grass needs to be cared for, and the way to make this happen is with the right food, in the form of fertilizer and some added seed to grow more grass. When you add more seeds and let more grass grow in your yard, you’ll have fewer weeds in your yard. With fewer weeds to contend with, you’ll enjoy the look of your new landscape.

A Snow Shovel Comes in Handy Everywhere

If you live in an area where you face snow every year, you’ve got to have a snow shovel to move the cold white stuff off your driveway and walkway to make sure you can feel comfortable walking outside and going to your car. In warmer climates, this can be an important lawn care tool for moving dirt, rocks, and mulch around like a bulldozer. It also makes for a handy outdoor dustpan.

A Spade is a Must for Planting Trees and Bushes

Are you planning on sprucing up your lawn to include more trees, flowers, and shrubs? If so, you’ll want to have a long-handled spade shovel to dig the hole. These shovels are pointed in the center of a curved face that makes it easy to dig a small hole or trench that’s required to plant trees and other plants. Once you have one of these tools, you’ll realize just how important and useful it happens to be when you’re out in the yard getting things done and making your home look amazing.

A Pair of Small Pruning Shears Helps With Your Gardening

If you love to have decorative shrubs and flowers in your hard, you’ll need a small pair of handheld pruning shears to make sure you can shape the plants the way you want. These are affordable and easy to use when you’re ready to make your various landscape elements look amazing. With these small shears, you can get in and do the detailed work that can’t be done with other items.

Don’t Forget to Buy a Hose

Maybe it should be higher on the list, but no collection of lawn care tools is complete without a hose. Make sure you also buy a spray nozzle and possibly a hanger for the side of the house. A hose will allow you to water your lawn during dry conditions, wash off your hands and feet after working in the flower beds, wash your car, and have water handy for a sprinkler when you need it. It’s important to have a hose, and sometimes you need more than one.

Buy a Set of Hedge Clippers

Some hedge clippers are powered by a motor and can help you shape your hedges easily, while others are handheld and require you to keep them sharp and cut off the areas of the hedges that are getting out of control. Regardless of the type of hedge clippers you choose, these items are essential to your landscaping tool bag and will make it easy for you to keep your bushes looking the way you want all year long.

Now that you’re a new homeowner, you’ve got a lawn to care for and need the right stuff for the job. Dig in and buy these lawn care tools and use them to keep your yard looking its best all year long.

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