Think Bangor, Maine When You Want a Unique Experience

Think Bangor, Maine When You Want a Unique Experience

Your vacation could take you to one of the most popular destinations, or you could think outside the box and head to Bangor, Maine.

This city has a population of nearly 33,000 people, and it’s not normally a place that everyone goes for a trip away from home. That being said, the rich history, proximity to the Atlantic Ocean, and amazing culture of the area can make it the place you’ll love during your travels.

You Must See Stephen King’s House

The famous horror novel author lives in this city, and you can stop by and see his home. Even though tours are not offered, it is a private residence, and you can enjoy a quick walk around the neighborhood and take some pictures of his home and the surrounding fence. You just might bump into the author himself while you’re visiting this town.

Tour the Cole Land Transportation Museum

A tour of this museum located in Bangor, Maine, gives you the view of several amazing vehicles from different ages. You’ll see trains, trucks, plows, motorcycles, ships, helicopters, and construction vehicles. This could be a great place for your kids to see some of the amazing transportation vehicles that have been used throughout the years. Take some cool photos and enjoy the history offered at this museum.

Experience the Panoramic Views from the Bridge

The Penobscot River and Bay are visible atop the Penobscot Narrows Observatory Bridge, where you can see the amazing views of the area. The panoramic views are incredible, and you’ll want to take some photos with your family and friends of the beauty that surrounds you. If you want to spend some more time in this area, you can visit Fort Knox, which is a granite fort where you can learn some of the local history.

Head to Acadia National Park for the Day

This park is located just off the coast and is close to Bangor, Maine. You’ll love the tours you can take in the oldest national park east of the Mississippi River. This park is home to Isle au Haut, Bass Harbor Head Lighthouse, the Schoodic Peninsula, and Cadillac Mountain. This mountain is the tallest peak along the eastern seaboard, which can be the mountain you want to climb. Enjoy the variety of activities offered when you visit this park.

Take in a Show at the Collins Center for the Arts

This theater is located on the campus of the University of Maine, and it’s a cultural hub that is a great place for you to enjoy a show. This center has hosted many films, lectures, shows, and concerts over the years it’s been in operation. When you go to the Collins Center, you can also enjoy a meal at Miller’s Café, which is located on the first floor.

Check Out the Paul Bunyan Statue

The city of Bangor, Maine was initially one of the hubs of the lumber industry and one of the most significant figures in folklore stories was Paul Bunyan. The statue is 31-feet high and pays tribute to the lumberjacks of the area. The main character and how he is portrayed in this form has survived many a tough winter in Maine and continues to stand tall and strong to honor those hard-working lumber workers.

Head Over to the Hudson Museum

After your show at the Collins Center for the Arts, you can take a tour of the Hudson Museum and enjoy the amazing exhibits offered. You’ll see more than 2,000 pre-Columbian ceramics, 900 items that came from the Maine Indians, and several artworks that were created by locals that inhabited the area long ago.

Take the Kids to the Maine Discovery Museum

Don’t allow your visit to Bangor, Maine, to be incomplete. Take the kids to the Maine Discovery Museum and let them enjoy the fun and attractions offered. You’ll see a variety of hands-on exhibits where you can let the kids learn about animals, plants, nature, and other discoveries that have been made. This is a place where you’ll find a lot of fun and learning.

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