Ranking Every Halloween Episode of “The Office”

Ranking Every Halloween Episode of “The Office”

When it comes to TV shows that we can watch over and over again, the Halloween Office episodes are by far some of the best.

While this hit NBC show definitely had its zany moments, the Halloween Office episodes are by far some of the craziest. From the array of fun costumes to the unpredictable plots, The Office made Halloween even more fun.

Even though The Office officially ended in 2013, it’s still one of the most-watched shows on TV. The Halloween Office episodes are still some of the best. Grab a bowl of candy corn and curl up with the best Halloween episodes of The Office.

Employee Transfer

Season 5, Episode 5

IMDb labels season five as one of the most popular seasons on the show. This particular episode doesn’t revolve around Halloween; it does have an amazing cold opener.

It opens with Stanley wearing a mask that allows him to sleep without anyone noticing. It then cuts to Creed, Kevin, and Dwight all dressed up as The Joker from the somewhat recently released The Dark Knight movie. Heath Ledger’s Joker was a popular costume. Kevin looks more like a clown, Dwight spends his time quoting lines from the movie, and Creed is actually quite frightening as the prince of crime.


Season 8, Episode 5

The main theme of this episode is fear. Robert California goes around discussing different topics with each member of the office to subtly learn what scares them the most. At the end of the episode, he tells a scary story using elements meant to use everyone’s biggest fears to frighten them.

Other highlights of this episode include a skeleton show from Toby, Kelly, and Gabe, as well as Dwight’s Starcraft costume.

Here Comes Treble

Season 9, Episode 5

This popular episode focuses on Andy, who puts together an incredible George Michael costume. Andy’s feelings are hurt when the current acapella group at Cornell University doesn’t know who he is. The result is a sing-off between Andy and Broccoli Rob.

This episode also contains an awkward side story involving Jim and Pam’s relationship continuing to fall apart.

Koi Pond

Season 6, Episode 8

While this episode mostly focuses on Jim and Michael’s sales trip, where Michael falls into a koi pond. The main plot revolves around how these two co-managers deal with the incident.

Some fans may not remember or even know that this episode also had a cold opening that revolved around Halloween. Most new DVDs and streaming services have since removed this scene. Michael turns the warehouse into a haunted house and opens it to the public. While there are several fun costumes on display, the shocker is when the kids find Michael hanging from a noose. He believes that Halloween can have a message of hope like other holidays.

Costume Contest

Season 7, Episode 6

The Costume Contest episode had a lot going on: Daryl and Michael argue over who should get credit for a new sales push (where delivery drivers can also make sales), Pam and Jim try to solve the mystery of why Danny Cordray didn’t ask Pam on a second date, and the office has a costume contest where the winner gets a coupon book with the supposed value of $15,000.

This is a fun episode because everyone gets involved in hopes of winning the prize. Packer goes as a pregnant num, Gabe is Lady Gaga, Dwight shows off his idea of the Scranton Strangler, Kevin takes on the role of Michael Moore, etc. Oscar ends up winning the prize with his attempt at being an ironic regular customer.


Season 2, Episode 5

The Halloween Office episode from season two is the first and probably the best Halloween episode of the series. Michael realizes that he is going to have to fire someone from the office, which isn’t easy when you’re dressed as a two-headed office manager.

Ultimately, the episode ends with Creed talking Michael into firing someone else. This is also the episode where Jim posts Dwight’s resume online, which is definitely more of a trick than a treat.

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