Top 10 Zoos in the United States

Top 10 Zoos in the United States

Zoos are incredible places for research and display of animal species and some of the best are located all across the United States.

It’s hard to go anywhere in the US without there being some form of an animal sanctuary meant to research and protect animals. Those animals that aren’t native to this country are often housed in zoos around the country. Some of the best-known locations have become family destinations where vacationers go to see the animals on display.
Here are ten of the top zoos in the United States.

Henry Doorly Zoo

When you travel through Omaha, Nebraska, you’ll want to stop and visit the Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium. You might not expect to find a world-renown zoo in this city, but this location is known as one of the best in the world. The work in animal research and conservation taking place at the Henry Doorly Zoo is simply amazing. This zoo houses more than 17,000 animals from 962 species, and it has the largest cat complex in North America. You’ll be amazed by what you find when you visit this incredible zoo.

Audubon Zoo

The Audubon Zoo is located at the Audubon Nature Institute in New Orleans, Louisiana. This is one of the top zoos in the United States, with more than 2,000 animals and many exhibits. The swamp exhibit allows visitors to see animals from around the bayou area that might not otherwise be seen by these vacationers. You’ll also find the Audubon Aquarium, which is attached to the zoo, giving families a great day visiting these exhibits and seeing the animals up close but from a safe distance.

San Diego Zoo

One of the world’s most famous zoos is the San Diego Zoo, located in San Diego, California. This zoo began in 1916 and is now home to more than 12,000 animals across 650 different species. Some of the animals born and raised at this zoo have gained incredible popularity on social media. You can take the ariel tram to get a birds-eye view of the entire zoo and all the habitats. This zoo is part of the American Alliance of Museums and functions as one of the most incredible wildlife research facilities in the world.

Brookfield Zoo

Head to Chicago, Illinois, and visit the Brookfield Zoo when you want to see and enjoy some incredible animals. This is one of the best zoos in the United States and its popular for being home to the first indoor, multi-species exhibit, which is the Tropic World, that houses animals from three continents. You’ll find more than 2,300 animals at the Brookfield Zoo and will certainly want to see the various monkeys, big cats, bats, and kangaroos that now call this zoo home. Everyone in the family will have a great time visiting this amazing zoo.

Philadelphia Zoo

If you consider the original to be the best of anything, you’ll love the Philadelphia Zoo. This zoo was declared the “nation’s first zoo,” and it is one of the best places to go when the kids get tired of the history lessons offered throughout this historic city. The Philadelphia Zoo opened in 1774 but wasn’t chartered until 1859 as the first zoo. You’ll find more than 1,300 animals on the 42 acres, including some of the rarest animals in the world.

Denver Zoo

The donation of one American black bear was all it took to get the Denver Zoo started in 1896. This is now one of the best zoos in the United States, making it a place you should visit when you’re in the Mile High City. The 80-acre zoo is located in Denver’s City Park and is home to 4,125 animals from 613 different species. You’ll love the incredible Bear Mountain exhibit, which is one of the oldest exhibits in the zoo, triggered by the first zoo bear.

Bronx Zoo

One of the largest zoos in the country is the Bronx Zoo, which is located in New York City. This incredible zoo houses more than 4,000 animals and is one of the most beloved landmarks in New York City. This zoo is incredibly large, covering more than 250 acres of space. That means it could take an entire day to walk through the zoo and see everything offered. You’ll want to take that day to see this amazing place and all of the wonderful animals that live there.

Pittsburgh Zoo and PPG Aquarium

When you’re in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, you should visit this zoo and aquarium, which is one of the best zoos in the United States. This incredible location covers 77 acres and houses more than 4,000 animals. These animals are from 475 different species, 20 of which are listed as endangered. You’ll find several different themes and places to visit and take the kids so they can enjoy the wonderful animals on display. The Aquarium features a two-floor, 45,000-square-foot tank with many underwater habitats for the animals to thrive.

Columbus Zoo and Aquarium

Located just outside the city of Columbus in Powell, Ohio, is the incredible Columbus Zoo and Aquarium. This is one of the best zoos, but certainly one of the best aquariums you’ll ever visit. You’ll see a massive 100,000-gallon coral reef exhibit which is home to many tropical fish. This amazing zoo covers 588 acres, which includes a water park, 18-hole Safar Golf Club, and campgrounds. This is the zoo that Jack Hanna used to be the director of, which made it pretty famous, especially during his visits to the David Letterman Show.

Oakland Zoo

If you’re interested in seeing many of the animals native to California, the Oakland Zoo is the place to go. This is easily one of the best zoos in the United States, offering native species, including grizzly bears, gray wolves, and bison. This zoo covers 100 acres and features a modern veterinary hospital. You’ll find more than 700 native and exotic animals at this zoo, which can be one of the best places to go when you’re visiting the bay area.

Which of these top ten zoos in the United States will you visit with your family?

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