6 Easter Dishes to Get Excited For

6 Easter Dishes to Get Excited For

Do you have some traditional Easter dishes that bring you home to enjoy this holiday with your family? Is it your turn to host this dinner?

No matter what your Easter traditions happen to be, if you’ve got some foods that make you feel like you’re at home for a special holiday, it makes things better.  We often tie memories to the foods that we eat.  Many view the Easter holiday as a time of renewal, the signal that spring has truly sprung, and a wonderful way to celebrate together with food and family.

Best Deviled Eggs

Do you have a family tradition of coloring Easter eggs and hiding them around the house or in the yard for kids to find?  Before you can color these eggs, they’ve first got to be hard-boiled.  Once colored, they must be stored in a refrigerator until Easter morning.  Of course, when you’re done, you’ve got a lot of hard-boiled eggs.  A great way to use these eggs is to turn them into the Best Deviled Eggs you’ve ever had.  If you’re not sure how to make these eggs, this recipe is for you.  Your family will love what you’ve done with the colored eggs.

Lemon Lover’s Pound Cake

It might not be your traditional dessert, but it could become one of the most popular Easter dishes you bring every year. Some families love to have potluck dinners for their holidays.  This is a great way to spread out the cooking duties and bring several dishes together at once.  This Lemon Lover’s Pound Cake will hit the spot with a zesty and light taste that will make you glad to have the start of spring.  Once you make this cake for Easter, it will become the dish your family asks of you every year.

Best-Ever Lamb Chops

Some families enjoy a traditional ham during most holidays, but if you want to change it up and have something different for your Easter dinner, you’ll be pleased to enjoy some incredible lamb chops.  The Best-Ever Lamb Chops says it all and reminds you that it’s possible to have something a little less traditional during your feast.  Of course, once you add roasted asparagus and scalloped potatoes to these lamb chops, this will be the meat course you enjoy at every Easter dinner.  Get ready to lick your lips over these wonderful chops.

Baked Ham with Honey-Chipotle Glaze

Ham is a wonderful meat for most celebrations.  Hams come in a large enough size to feed a large family during any holiday meal, but they can be a bit bland at times.  One way to kick up the flavors is to add some cool spices and sweet honey to the mix.  When you want to offer one of the most memorable Easter dishes, this Baked Ham with Honey-Chipotle Glaze could be the perfect dish for you to enjoy the tastes that you love mixing together. Get ready to lick your lips over this ham dish.

Asparagus, Bacon & Shallot Tart

Easter is a great time to offer the traditional foods that you love, but also a fantastic opportunity to try something new.  If your tradition is to have Easter brunch, this Asparagus, Bacon & Shallot Tart could be perfect for the meal.  This tart is thinner than quiche, but it can be just as good and a little more elegant.  You’ll love the flavor mix, especially if you pair this tart with roaster potatoes and some fresh greens that make the brunch that much more enjoyable.  Get ready to dig into some wonderful flavors.

Carrot Layer Cake

If the Easter Bunny can be part of the celebration, so can his favorite cake. This Carrot Layer Cake will be a favorite of more than just the long-eared hoppers in your family. This could quickly become one of the Easter dishes that your family fights over to make sure they get the last piece.  This cake is tender, not too sweet, and brings you the wonderful flavors you want to share and enjoy.  If you’re looking for an Easter-themed hit that might make a huge splash at your holiday dinner, enjoy this wonderful cake.

These six Easter dishes could be the most requested items at your next family gathering, giving you the satisfaction of knowing you’ve got something on the table that will help your family remember the holiday celebration.

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