Unforgettable Family Beach Vacations: Top 7 US Beaches

Unforgettable Family Beach Vacations: Top 7 US Beaches

What are the best beaches in the United States? This might be the most important question you ask before taking your family beach vacation this year.

Not every beach is the same. You can find some places where the sand is white or close to it, while others have sand with various colors. Some locations offer tons of waves, while others are calm and peaceful. Accessibility could be a factor in getting you to the beach via parking, a boardwalk full of shops, and a bit of shade.

Here are seven of the best beaches in the United States for your family beach vacation.

Poipu Beach – Kauai, Hawaii

It would be nearly impossible to find a single beach on the Hawaiian Islands that isn’t among some of the best. This Pacific Island state is known for its wonderful beaches and amazing activities, including surfing, snorkeling, windsurfing, and boogie boarding. Poipu Beach is made up of two small coves, giving you a great place to enjoy a wonderful trip near the ocean. You’ll love the breathtaking views and admire the wildlife that makes this area it’s home. If you’re looking for a great beach, this is one of the best.

Coronado Beach – San Diego, California

You’ll find a wide variety of activities at this mile-and-a-half stretch of amazing beach. If you’re looking for a great place for a family beach vacation, you’ll love the boardwalk, activity, and fun offered at Coronado Beach. This is a great place for swimmers, surfers, and sunbathers to enjoy some fun in the sun. Admire the beautiful sunsets at this westerly-facing beach. If you want to walk your dog along the beach, North Beach is the perfect place to go with your pooch.

Clearwater Beach – Clearwater, Florida

The white sandy shores found at Clearwater Beach will make you feel like you’ve found heaven. This is one of the most amazing shoreline stretches in the United States. The sunsets are incredible, and Pier 60 offers a wonderful place for some nighttime entertainment. This is also a fantastic family beach with a playground, cabanas, umbrella chairs, and many cool items for the kids. If you want to go fishing, this is a great place to catch your dinner when you toss a line in the water of the pier.

Glass Beach – Port Townsend, Washington

If you enjoy walking along a beach filled with beautiful shells and sea glass, this is the place to go. This could be a cool stop during your family beach vacation where you can collect sea glass that can be put into a lamp at home. Glass Beach is remote and kept as natural as possible. The hike along this beach covers three miles, and you’ll surely find some great items along the way. This is another great beach to bring your canine friend.

Wrightsville Beach – Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina

This beach is so popular the town is named for it. Wrightsville Beach offers amazing water sports and tons of activities. This beach is also located near Wilmington, which is an active college town where you’ll find all the nightlife fun you’re looking for. Fishing is amazing at this beach when you drop a line off Jonnie Mercer’s Fishing Pier where some record-setting fish have been caught over the years. If you’re looking for an amazing beach along the Atlantic Ocean, you’ve got to go to Wrightsville Beach.

Medano Creek – Great Sand Dunes National Park, Colorado

Not all beaches are along the ocean, nor do they need to be. Medano Creek offers one of the best beaches in the country. This beach runs along a wide, shallow river that shows up in the spring and dries out in August. If you’re looking for a good summer spot or your family beach vacation, this could be the place to go. You’ll have mountain views and some amazing fun in the sand and water during your time at this cool beach.

Rockaway Beach – Queens, New York

You might not think about heading to New York City for your beach trip, but one of the best beaches is located right next to Queens in New York City. Rockaway Beach offers a five-mile boardwalk, surfing waves, a skate park, volleyball courts, and playgrounds. This is one of the most active places for families in New York during the summer. If you want the benefits of the big city while also enjoying a cool beach, this might be the best place to go.

The best beaches for your family beach vacation offer various activities and possibilities. These are only seven that could be right for you and your family to enjoy this summer.

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