3 Eco-Friendly Car Corporations for a Better Future

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Tesla, Mazda, and Toyota are known as some of the most eco-friendly and greenest car brands. You might think that the reason for this reputation has to do with the EV model lineup found at Toyota, Tesla, and Mazda dealers nationwide. However, these brands are considered green in a lot of other ways that may not be immediately obvious when you look at their cars.

Vegan Leather in Tesla Cars

Using natural leather from cows is actually a very wasteful industry and causes an excess of emissions every year. A better alternative is vegan leather, which is gaining steam in the interiors of different cars. For example, Tesla is known for using synthetic leather that is extremely stain-resistant and waterproof. The best part is that vegan leather isn’t obviously faux leather when you look at it.

A greener future means phasing out harmful industries like leather and replacing them with vegan versions that will eventually be made from natural plant materials such as fruits and vegetables.

Mazda Constructs Eco-Friendly Cork Interiors

If you visit your Mazda dealer to look at the MX-30 EV, you’ll find a unique choice for the interior. Mazda has decided to use cork, which is a renewable resource and much more appealing and eco-friendly than plastic. Cork might seem like a strange choice until you find out that Mazda actually began business as a cork manufacturer.

3 Eco-Friendly Car Corporations for a Better Future - Mazda cork interior

Like vegan leather, cork is a great choice to go green for auto manufacturers. It’s very sustainable and can actually be harvested from cork trees without killing the tree. Imagine cork for consoles and dashboards instead of plastic and vegan leather for upholstery instead of real leather.

Manufacturing in the USA

Another way that certain car brands work for a greener future is by doing most of their manufacturing in the USA, where they are subject to standards set by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Not all countries have similarly strict standards, so car brands that source most of their manufacturing in the U.S. end up being greener by default. Tesla is one of the brands that does all its manufacturing in the U.S., and its models were at the top of the list for Most American Made. Toyota also does quite a lot of manufacturing in the U.S. and has several models that are strongly sourced in the USA.

3 Eco-Friendly Car Corporations for a Better Future - Toyota manufacturing

Reducing Carbon Emissions

Another way that some car manufacturers are helping build a greener future is by reducing carbon emissions. For example, Toyota reduced its carbon emissions by 8.9% in 2023 compared to its 2019 levels. It also managed to reduce its average global CO2 emissions by 23% versus 2010 levels.

Leading the Industry in Eco-Friendly Manufacturing

As you can see, driving an eco-friendly vehicle extends beyond reducing reliance on fossil fuels. Toyota and other companies are focusing more on water consumption and how to reduce and save water during manufacturing. Mazda is specifically looking for ways to use more sustainable materials, like cork, and materials that can be efficiently recycled to minimize environmental

There may still be a long way to go, but reducing the environmental impact of manufacturing and investing in sustainable materials can help cars become greener in the future.

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