Fall Flowers: Keeping Your Garden Vibrant Until Winter

Fall Flowers: Keeping Your Garden Vibrant Until Winter

Can you continue to have a beautiful garden in the fall? There are many great fall flowers that can provide you with a season full of colorful blooms.

The best fall flowers bloom starting in the middle of summer and stay strong late into the autumn, typically staying pretty until the first hard frost. Some areas of the country don’t experience any frost, which makes it easy to enjoy some wonderful flowers most of the year, but other areas get cold by the middle of October.

Here are a few of the best fall flowers to keep your garden beautiful until the winter arrives.


Most consider marigolds to be summer flowers, but these flowers are wonderful into the early part of fall as well. If you live in an area where the summer heat often extends to fall, marigolds can offer wonderful yellow coloring for several weeks into the autumn season. These flowers might not work well in northern climates past the middle of September, but southern states with longer heat waves are where they thrive. A side benefit to marigolds is that these flowers repel mosquitoes naturally, giving you a wonderful outdoor space.


When you want to enjoy some flowers that bloom at various times of the year and come back every year, violas are an excellent choice. These are some of the best fall flowers with purple that pop up in the fall to add more color to your garden. The also bloom in the early part of the summer and then return in the fall. Violas do well in moist and acidic soil, which means you should use a peat-based potting mix or add peat moss to the soil to ensure the dirt stays moist.


If you’re looking for some flowers that bloom most of the year, petunias are the flowers you want to plant. These flowers will bloom from spring until the first frost of fall. This means they can be great for your garden most of the year. Petunias look great in hanging baskets and in the ground. You need to plant them in full sun and keep them out of the shade, which makes it hard to have them under a porch.


Some flowers can handle a winter freeze, and hydrangeas are one of those flowers. These are some of the best fall flowers with beautiful pom-pom-shaped blooms that come in several varieties. Typically, the acidity of the soil dictates the color of the blooms. Hydrangeas are easy to cultivate and do well in areas where you can provide partial shade for them. These could be the only flowers in your garden when the winter freeze arrives and you’ve got the cold spell that makes most flowers lose their blooms.


Roses are fantastic for most times of the year. Although summer is when roses tend to lose the most blooms, these beautiful flowers love to show off with blooms and color when the weather is a bit cooler, making them great for fall. Most new hybrid roses are much sturdier than the heirloom roses of old that would often die without reason. There are several varieties of roses that could be great for your landscape. Visit your local nursery and find the right rose plants for your yard.


Better known as just mums, these are some of the best fall flowers. In fact, mums are the most common flower planted or displayed outdoors during the fall season, making for a great display of color to brighten up any landscape. You can easily pick up several mums at the store and plant them either in bright, indirect light in your garden or in pots. These flowers require consistent watering throughout the season. If you want to keep your mums looking great, cut off the buds when they wilt, and new buds will eventually form and bloom again.


Dahlias come in several varieties and colors, and some varieties will continue to bloom from mid-summer into the fall. Typically, orange and red varieties are those that bloom best in autumn, adding to the beauty of the landscape as the leaves begin to change from green to yellow, orange, and red. You’ll love the look of these beautiful flowers, especially if you find some that do well into the fall season, giving you some wonderful landscape colors before the winter frost arrives.

These seven fall flowers could brighten up your area and provide you with the colors you want to enjoy until the leaves are gone, and the snow of winter arrives.

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