5 Products that Can Make Car Rides Better for Your Pets

5 Products that Can Make Car Rides Better for Your Pets

Bringing your furry BFFs along for the ride can make road trips so much more fun. Of course, you want to ensure your pets stay safe, happy, and comfy, whether cruising down the highway.

The good news is there are some great products designed just for pet-friendly transportation to make every mile smooth sailing.

Secure Crash Protection

One of the most important things is keeping pets protected in case of an accident. Hard plastic crates can crack and easily break apart in a collision when simply buckled in. Instead, look for rigorously crash-test-rated models like the Gunner Kennel, which is built from robust materials and earned top marks in independent evaluations. Sleepy pod harnesses are also highly rated for crash protection, and the added bonus is they work for walks, too. Focusing on certified sturdy restraints helps ensure your pets stay safe in used cars and new ones.

Spill-Proof Hydration On-the-Go

Long rides can quickly lead to dehydration, so having fresh water available is a must. Typical bowls and bottles tend to leak and spill too easily in vehicles. The PETKIT portable water bottle and bowl set are designed to solve this problem. It features a smart built-in drinking dish and filtered water flow to make rehydrating your pooch or kitty easy, no matter how bumpy the road. The lock switch prevents accidental leaks, and the wrist strap lets you take it along for outdoor adventures. This handy hydration system helps keep pets happy and healthy in new and used cars alike.

Outdoor Luxury: Waterproof Dog Beds

For pets who love camping trips and outdoor adventures, treat them to the luxury of a waterproof dog bed like the Frisco foldable option. The durable, water-resistant base keeps Fido dry and warm, while the soft fleece-lined top provides cozy comfort. When it’s time to hit the road again, this bed folds up nicely and compactly. Your dog will appreciate snoozing off-trail with this thoughtfully designed bed made for the rigors of the outdoors.

Mobility Ramps for Easy Access

Large breed or senior dogs can really struggle to get in and out of vehicles, which puts stress on their joints and your back, too. A foldable pet ramp can make boarding smooth sailing. The PetSafe ramp provides a non-slip slope for pets and neatly folds in half for convenient storage in your trunk. No more lifted legs or awkward lifts! This handy ramp reduces strain and makes it easy for pets to safely access a full range of vehicles, from used cars to new SUVs.

Seat Covers to Contain the Mess

Let’s face it: pets can really do a number on your car’s upholstery between muddy paws, shedding fur, and sloppy kisses. Luckily, you can save your seats and have an easier cleanup with a quilted seat cover like the heavy-duty, water-resistant version from Frisco. It attaches securely around headrests to stay in place and contains the chaos. With handy storage pockets, too, this is a must-have for keeping the car crumb-free and pet-friendly.

New and Used Cars Fit For Your Furry Best Friend

Traveling with animal companions brings so much joy to hitting the open road. You want your pets relaxed and content every mile, whether riding in a used or new car. With the right accessories tailored for pet-friendly transportation, you can look forward to happy tails and smooth sailing ahead. Just don’t forget the special treats!

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