What Are the Easiest Pets to Own?

What Are the Easiest Pets to Own?

Whether you grew up with pets and want to add one to your life, or looking to change your lifestyle, you’ll want to start with one the of easiest pets to own.

Some pets require a lot of attention, care, and maintenance, while others are easy to care for by simply feeding them. If you’ve never had pets in your home, you’ll want to start with an easy pet that doesn’t require much care or maintenance. With that in mind, we have seven pets that could be great in your home.


If you have a yard, a rabbit could be the ideal pet for you to care for. These animals require room to run and play, along with an enclosed space to rest and sleep. Some people keep rabbits in cages during their entire lives, but that’s not good for these animals. You’ll need to purchase bedding, food, and water for your rabbits. These creatures are social and can thrive as a pair instead of on their own. Rabbits also require routine veterinary care, but they are some of the easiest animals to care for when you have the right place for them to play.


If you want to enjoy one of the easiest pets to own, a ferret is a great choice. This is another pet where you should consider having two of them to give them the social company desired. Ferrets can be great around children and offer a low-maintenance experience for your entire family; other than food and water, these creatures need to be safe, which means you need to put items out of reach that could potentially trap your ferrets when they go exploring.


When you want to add a pet to your home, a bird can be a great option. They need food, water, and the paper in their cage changed every day. Otherwise, these pets are pretty easy to care for. Some birds can be taken out of their cages and held, but you must be gentle with them. Birds make great pets for owners who live alone and want a pet that bonds with them easily. If you have children under the age of eight, a bird will not make a good pet around them.


Cats are extremely easy to care for and can bond with you quickly. Most cats only need a litter box, food, and water to survive. In fact, cats are one of the few pets that can survive for a few days when you go away for a weekend. Some cats can be trained to do tricks, but they are fun to watch when you get them some toys to play with. Cats are one of the easiest pets to own because of their independent nature.

Turtles and Reptiles

Many turtles, snakes, lizards, and frogs can be kept as pets, but you have to set up the right environment to ensure their survival. If the environment is too hot or cold, it can kill these cold-blooded creatures. Most of these pets require some ground cover, hiding spots, and cool places to enjoy some time in and out of water. Some of these pets require live prey to eat, which could be a turn-off for some pet owners. Turtles and reptiles are generally easy to care for, requiring regular feedings and cleaning.


Rats and mice make good and fun pets for small children who can watch these intelligent creatures run through mazes and on wheels set up in their bedrooms. These rodents need a bed of shavings, a few toys, food, and water to live a happy life. It’s important to clean the shavings regularly and change them weekly. If you choose a rat, you can take it out and let it run around and get to know you and your kids.


Fish are generally considered the easiest pets to own based on the necessary feeding and lack of interaction. Still, some fish require frequent maintenance, and their tanks need to be cleaned weekly. Once you learn the proper environment to allow your fish to thrive, they can live a long time and give you years of joy watching them swim around in the tank. A nice tank with rocks, pebbles, and foliage can be an excellent addition to your home and something your guests will love to see when they visit.

If you’re wondering why dogs aren’t on this list, they can be much harder to care for than most animals on this list.

These seven pets could be the right place to start, especially if you’ve never owned a pet before.

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