Dayton’s Haunted Hotspots

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Dayton, Ohio, might not be the first place you think of when it comes to haunted hotspots around the country, but in fact, Dayton has a rich history that includes some paranormal mysteries. The Gem City may be famous for inventions like the cash register and code-breaking machines, but it’s also surprisingly full of haunted hotspots. Let’s take a look.

Hills and Dales Lookout Tower

This 30-foot tower was constructed in 1941 for the purpose of giving people the chance to climb atop it and get picturesque views of the surrounding area. It was constructed with salvaged stone by people working for the National Youth Administration. Like all haunted hotspots, there’s a tragic story connected with the tower. Peggy Harmeson, a teenage resident of Bellbrook, sought refuge inside the tower during a big rainstorm in the year 1967.

Harmeson was with another teenager named Ronnie Stevens. The tower was struck by lightning and Harmeson was also hit. When her lifeless body was discovered, it was covered with severe burns. According to local legends, visitors to the tower have seen scorched images of the girl on the walls. Sometimes a ghostly figure is seen when lightning surrounds the tower.

The Amber Rose Restaurant

The Amber Rose restaurant serves homemade Eastern European food that includes influences from German, Polish, Hungarian, Russian, and Italian cuisine. However, the building where the restaurant is housed was originally built in 1910 to serve as a general store. The building fell victim to a fire and was later reconstructed by new owners in 1990. That’s when it became the Amber Rose.

However, it seems that the fire didn’t take the spirit of the original owner’s daughter who spent most of her time in the attic of the building. Guests at the restaurant have seen a woman with long black hair standing in the attic window. There have been several other mysterious incidents like lights flickering on and off, glasses flying off shelves, and spooky laughter. If you dine here, you might see someone standing behind you in the bathroom mirror, only to turn around and find no one there.

Woodland Cemetery

A list of haunted hotspots wouldn’t be complete without a cemetery. The main legend surrounding the Woodland Cemetery involves “The Boy and Dog” gravestone, which commemorates the resting place of a boy named Johnny Morehouse who died on August 14, 1860. According to the legend, Morehouse was playing with his dog near the Dayton Canal when he accidentally slipped and fell into the water. The dog attempted to rescue him, but by the time the boy was retrieved from the water, it was too late.

The loyal dog stayed at the gravestone, surviving for a time on food from people passing by until it died as well. The haunted legend says the dog and child often wander around the cemetery at night. Other reports involve feeling an otherworldly breath if you place your hand beneath the dog statue’s nose.

Whether you believe in the paranormal or not, these haunted hotspots in Dayton are worth visiting just to see if you can experience the spine-tingling chill of something from beyond.

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