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About Me

Eva Rose

Hey, I'm a passionate blogger based in New York. This sis blog where I post my photos and tips about my life & ideas. I'm happy to share things!

Eva Rose

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Auto Financing Tricks: Walk in Prepared

March 23, 2020 Julie Henne 1 min read No Comments

For many people, discussions surrounding money make them very nervous. Think about the last time you had to ask someone for money they owed you, or vice versa. We get shifty, a little bit clammy, and inexplicably anxious when the […]

The Law of (Vehicle) Attraction

February 23, 2020 Julie Henne 1 min read No Comments

When you bought your car, did you know you were going to love it right away? Did it take a little time for you to figure out the nuances before you were able to pinpoint your favorite thing? It’s estimated […]

SEO for Dealerships

April 29, 2019 Mickey Underwood 1 min read No Comments

Mastering SEO Search engine optimization or SEO is a crucial marketing tool your dealer should master either in-house or through a marketing agency. There are different elements of SEO, some require more planning and executing, while others are easier to […]

Heated Seats

May 18, 2018 Kylie Whitcomb 1 min read No Comments

As we all look back fondly on our childhood, we can say we were the generation that made it through winter without heated seats. We grew up sliding into freezing cars in the morning, and we lived to tell about […]

Roadblock to Autonomous Technology

August 8, 2017 Mickey Underwood 1 min read No Comments

If you begin to think about the future of driving and autonomous vehicles, the thoughts can turn romantic. Imagine being able to take in all of the sights along the way and know that the car has you safely in […]