Odor In your Car? What’s That Smell and How to Fix it?

Odor In your Car Whats That Smell and How to Fix it

Have you found that your vehicle smells funny and filled with odor or have you become nose blind to it and no longer notice? Most of us become nose blind over time because we spend a lot of time in our vehicles. Whether we carry our pets in the vehicle or we have kids that have spilled something that begins to smell foul, we eventually become used to the smell and never notice that our car stinks. This does become noticeable when someone else gets in for a ride with us, but that could be a little too late to save yourself the embarrassment of a smelly car.

Thankfully, there are some solutions to what you’re experiencing in the car that can help offer a more pleasant aroma when you drive. Here are some of those solutions:

The Little Trees

Little Trees is still one of the most affordable and popular choices you can make when it comes to creating a great smell and taking away odor in your vehicle. Choose the scent that’s right for you and let it waft around the inside of your vehicle. Hanging a scented tree from the rearview mirror of your vehicle allows you to have the smell you want, but this air freshener relies on the natural airflow inside your vehicle to allow it to work properly.

Active Odor Reducing Choices

A more active approach to adding a better smell to your vehicle is to have an air freshener that plugs directly over the vent to make use of the air that comes through them and mask the odor. This means every time you run the vent or the air conditioning the car is going to smell much better while you drive. There are even some of these air fresheners that can now be plugged into your 12V port to use the heat and electricity to offer a perfume into the air that you want to enjoy when you drive.

A Natural Solution

if you’ve got an allergy to scents and have an issue smelling perfumes in the air, the Moso Natural Air Purifying Bag can be the right solution. This is a bag that has charcoal to filter the air and make things smell better naturally for you. This is the only one of the air freshener solutions offered that lasts up to two years without being replaced. You can use this for an RV, trailer, boat or shed as well.

Damp Rid

While not an actual air freshener, a can of Damp Rid in your vehicle will soak up the foul smells and odor, and help your vehicle smell nicer. This product is meant to work great in areas where there’s a lot of rain and moisture that can be brought into the vehicle. If the foul smell in your vehicle is caused by sweaty athletes and their gear, this is the solution that will work well along with one of the perfume choices in order to soak up the bad smells and leave you with a vehicle that smells great.

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