2020 Detroit Auto Show Will Be Delayed

2020 Detroit Auto Show Will Be Delayed

Whether you look forward to the North American International Auto Show every year as the beginning of the automotive calendar year for you, or you know this is the show that draws the biggest crowds and is the place where the who’s who of the automotive world gather, this show has shrunk over the years. As a show that takes place in the automotive capital of the US, the climate during the winter months hasn’t aided this show in being as big a success as it was in the past. This will cause a delay in 2020.

The Challenges for 2020 and What They Mean for this Show

The NAIA is held in Detroit, MI annually. This show was originally created to help boost winter sales of vehicles that are sold around the country, but that purpose seems to have gone by the wayside. Over the decades this show has been held in Detroit, it has been one of the most impressive shows of the year and is often where we see the next most spectacular vehicles offered for our enjoyment. Unfortunately, Detroit isn’t exactly a warm city in January and many automakers would rather go to a different location for 2020.

This brings us to one of the biggest challenges. Because many automakers are offering more technology in the vehicles built than ever before, the Consumer Electronics Show has become more of a target for the unveiling of what they have to offer. The CES is held in Las Vegas, NV every year, where you won’t find snow and ice and can certainly get rid of the winter blues at various places that are meant to entertain you. This setting is perfect for showing off several new models and give us a look at the concepts that we love.

Does This Mean the End of the NAIA?

As the premier show for the automotive industry in the US, this doesn’t spell the end, but it may mean the show is going to be scheduled later in the year. Right now, the 2019 NAIA will take place on January 14-15 and several brands including Mercedes, Porsche, Audi, Volvo, and Jaguar have already bowed out of this show in favor of the show in Las Vegas. This has left the organizers to come up with a new date for the 2020 show, which will be announced on July 24 at an event in Detroit.

In addition to moving the show date, the organizers are looking to change the name to highlight the fact this show is in the Motor City and is situated in an area where the automotive industry was born in the US. A video has been released that depicts the potential to have some aspects of the show take place outdoors in the spring or summer setting that could be the perfect way to offer us the collection of vehicles that we’ve admired and enjoyed at this show in the past. Check out the video and get ready for the announcement that will take place in a few weeks.




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