Recycling – The Volvo Team Is Going Green

Recycling - The Volvo Team Is Going Green

Any company that can truly be greener and makes better use of materials that can be recycled and reused is one that’s making a responsible decision to work toward saving the planet. Right now, our resources are being used up at an alarming rate with more people than ever and the desire to use more items that are specially packaged than in the past. It would be hard to imagine our grandparents drinking from plastic bottles just to have water, but many of us do this every day and don’t think about where that plastic goes. Volvo created a solution by beginning a recycling program.

Recycling – Making the Responsible Choice

While you can make an individual choice to use a recyclable filter for your water to make sure the water that comes out of your tap is as clean as bottled products, the team at Volvo is making a global decision to be greener. Starting with their offices, cafeterias, and events, Volvo will no longer make use of the single-use plastics that have become so easy to use and are filling up the landfills around the world. Instead, this brand will rid itself of these items and begin a movement to be even more responsible.

Starting in 2025, Volvo is on a mission to offer every model vehicle they sell with at least 25 percent of the parts being made from recycled plastics or other materials that can be reused or recycled. Because there are already several recycling programs offered around the world, Volvo is working with some of the best forward-thinking suppliers to create a plan of sustainability in its program. You’ll likely see Volvo buying up more of the materials needed to make this goal a reality, which can certainly help to reduce the amount of waste that goes into landfills each year.

The Plan is Real

In order to show a seriousness toward this responsible action, Volvo has already unveiled a special XC60 T8 model that appears to look the same as the regular one offered on the market. What’s special about this vehicle? Its offered with a large number of recycled materials being used in the build to show the responsible nature that can be enjoyed from Volvo. The center tunnel is made from renewable fibers and discarded fishing nets, the carpet is made from plastic bottles and recycled cotton, and the seats make use of plastic bottles in the fibers as well.

The goal of offering a climate neutral manufacturing process by 2025 leaves Volvo with only a few short years to make this a reality. The engine plant was able to achieve this goal earlier in the year and with vehicles that are made from recycled materials, the materials used will have a longer life. We certainly drive our vehicles for many years more than what one plastic bottle that we drink from will last in our possession. Hopefully, Volvo won’t be the only brand to make the environment a priority as there’s an abundance of recycled materials that can be used in every vehicle in the world.


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