Model 3 Brings Some Challenges For Tesla

Model 3 Brings Some Challenges For Tesla

Every new vehicle that’s offered on the market has its own version of new items that you need to get used to in order to drive. Electric cars are certainly still in this class and the Tesla Model 3 is one of the most interesting and most challenging electric cars being offered. Considered one of the most advanced EV models to be offered in the market, the Model 3 has many items that you’re going to need to get used to when you get in and take it for a drive.

Door Handles

In the Tesla Model 3, the door handles stay flush against the body and you have to push against the fattest part of the handle with your thumb in order to open the door and have the part you can grasp presented to you. This is a bit different from the Model S that Tesla offers which has a pop-out door handle.

A Clean Front for the Model 3

Because most cars need airflow to the engine in order to operate, they have a large grill to help force air inside. An electric vehicle doesn’t need a large grill and because of this the Model 3 has a finished look up front with only a small lower grill that gives it more than enough airflow for the drive.

No Engine Means More Cargo Room

Because the Model 3 makes use of an electric motor, there’s no engine under the hood up front, which gives you room for a sizable trunk that can give you more room for some of the items that you want to take with you when you get out on the road and drive. This can be a welcome addition to what you want when you drive.

No Key or Key Fob

The Tesla Model 3 is being offered with only a credit card-sized wallet key that acts as the backup to making use of the phone app that can be perfect for you to operate the vehicle. The app makes it possible for the car to sense you’re approaching the vehicle and it will unlock itself.

The Next Step in Keyless Driving

The Tesla Model 3 takes push-button starting to the next level by starting up once you push on the brake pedal. Once you do this you can begin to drive and once you stop and lock the car, it will shut down because it senses you’ve stopped and have departed the car and it needs to shut down.

Nearly No Buttons

There’s a huge center screen which is the place where you control everything for this car so that it can be operated and driven the right way. The climate controls, music, heated seats, and other items are all controlled by this massive screen which looks more like a tablet than an infotainment center.

Autopilot Can Take Over

The semi-autonomous system that’s offered by Tesla is called Autopilot and it can take over the driving for you. The feeling of this system is certainly an exercise in trust and will take some getting used to when you choose to drive this EV. If you accidentally nudge the wheel, the Autopilot system will disengage.

Aggressive Regenerative Braking

Most hybrid and EV cars make use of regenerative braking to capture some of the energy that would be lost if not captured and reused. The Model 3 is one of the most aggressive of these cars and it does so in a way that still makes it easy for you to save energy and add to the range of the vehicle.

Super Charging isn’t Abundant Yet

The best place to charge your vehicle is at home, but if you don’t have the ability to charge your Tesla Model 3 at home, you need to find one of the Tesla Super Charging stations in order to gain the range you want to make use of. Unfortunately, these aren’t abundant in nature and you may need to use one of the other charging stations that won’t charge quite as fast.

A Silent Drive

Using an electric motor to drive the car, makes the Tesla Model 3 an easy choice for you when you want a silent ride. You’ll notice the absence of sounds that a normal car makes when you’re on the road in the Model 3 and you’re ready to enjoy the ride offered.


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