How Do You Feel After the Holidays?

How Do You Feel After the Holidays?

When the calendar turns and you’re beyond the January 1 date, does a down feeling take over?  This is a common feeling after the holidays.

You don’t feel like doing much at all, you feel that you’ve just come down off a high that lasted nearly a month and it’s hard to shake that feeling. Even though you’re feeling a bit down and not like doing much at all, you need to get beyond this feeling.

Why Do We Get the Down Feeling After the Holidays?

Currently, there isn’t much scientific research into why we feel a bit down after the holidays are over, but you can certainly see why it happens. Once the season is gone, the decorations are put away, and everything is back to its pre-holiday appearance, we have a feeling of loss. This feeling is hard to get past, but there are some ways to get past it fairly quickly.

Exercise Can Help A Lot

When what the last time you had a good workout at the gym? Have you been for a jog at all during the holidays? If not, it might be time to start thinking about what you’re going to do to shed the weight you gained from the goodies and food you ate during the celebrations with your family and friends. This can help get you out of your funk and make you feel a lot better too.

Do Something Fun that’s Easy to Schedule

Typically, the holidays are all about schedules, events, big celebrations, and gestures that show how much we care and want to enjoy the season. Now that it’s over, you still need to have some fun and enjoy your life, but you don’t need it to be as big and boisterous as the holiday celebrations. Find something to do that you enjoy that can be easy to get into and let it help you out of your funk.

Is a New Hobby Going to Take You Out of the Blues?

Have you ever started a new hobby? Is there something you’ve always wanted to do that you’ve never started? If so, consider beginning a new hobby and let it help you get over the feeling that the holidays are over. You could learn a new skill, read a book that’s been collecting dust, or build a playlist of your favorite songs. Dive in and start feeling better.

Getting Organized Can Help You Get Over the Holidays

It might be time for you to declutter your life, starting with the closets and other areas of your home that tend to collect items that you don’t use every day. A fresh, clean, and tidy closet can give you a huge feeling of accomplishment and make it much easier for you to forget that you were having a hard time with the post-holiday blues.

Avoid Holiday Entertainment

You’re already feeling down because the holidays are over, why would you watch a holiday special or movie that reminds you of the passing of this time? If you’re going to watch TV or stream a movie, try and find one you like that has nothing to do with the holiday time of year. It might be cold outside, but you could still enjoy a beach-themed summer movie and feel a bit better.

Don’t Give Yourself a Hard Time About Losing the Holidays

For some, the holiday time is the only time of the year they see some of their family members. It can be difficult to know you won’t see these loved ones again for almost a year. Don’t give yourself a hard time just because you’re feeling down. Be patient and let yourself feel what you are for now. It’s natural and normal to be a little sad after the holiday time has passed.

Get Healthy and Take Care of Yourself

If you’ve done a poor job of caring for yourself over the holidays and staying fit and healthy, now is the time to begin to get back at it. This is more than just exercise, which we covered, but it’s about eating right, drinking enough water, and creating a healthier lifestyle. The energy you put into this can bring you out of the post-holiday blues.

This Too Shall Pass

You may try all of these suggestions and realize that nothing is working to get you out o the funk you feel after the holidays. Don’t worry, the feeling you have will pass and you’ll quickly be able to move on and get back to feeling like yourself once again.

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