Rescued Mountain Lions Find a New Home

Rescued Mountain Lions Find a New Home

Mountain lions who lived in California found their way to a new home via one of the most popular shipping companies in the world.

We don’t always think about the impact on the environment and wildlife when we see the California wildfires that seem to burn out of control every year. Many of us, who don’t live in the area, have no idea of the annual devastation or how this could continue to be as much of a problem as it is for residents, firefighters, and wildlife in the burning areas.

Homes are Being Burned, and Not Just for People

Even though we’ve seen how some of the California fires find their way to getting near residential areas, the homes that are being burned every year belong to the wildlife that’s part of the region. California is home to a vast array of species that enjoy the rich wilderness and amazing mountains of the area. Unfortunately, when the forests are burned, many of these animals have nowhere to go.

Three Mountain Lions Were Rescued

While we can point to people as a huge part of the problem when it comes to the wildfires, people are also the solution. Brave firefighters flock to California every time there is one of these raging blazes and work hard to try and put out the fires. Along with working to put the fires out, these firefighters encounter wildlife in the area.

Three mountain lion cubs were recently found in the Redding area during the fires and the team that found them worked hard to save them. It was immediately obvious these cubs were orphaned and the male of the group was badly burned. The team that found them on September 30 quickly worked to get help and find a way to save these cubs.

Recovery Took Place at the Oakland Zoo

One of the nearest zoos to the wildfires is the Oakland Zoo. This was the location chosen for the cubs to begin recovery and for the male, who was limping and badly burned when he was found, to begin his recovery. After 47 days at the Oakland Zoo, all three cubs were fully recovered and thriving under the care and watchful eyes of the team at this incredible zoo.

FedEx Enters the Mix

If firefighters found the three cubs and rushed them to the Oakland Zoo, how does FedEx fit into this story? After the recovery period, it was decided these three cubs would be transported to the Columbus Zoo to continue treatment and live. This meant not only transporting the mountain lions but also the caregivers who had been watching over them for the entire time. The job would be a tough one, but FedEx has the resources to get it done.

The intrepid traveling party made the trip from the Oakland Zoo to the Vet Hospital in Oakland, on to the Oakland International Airport, and then to the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium. This journey began in the morning and was completed before it was time for any members were ready to eat dinner. This all took place thanks to FedEx and the amazing shipping support and services they can offer.

A Special Thanks from the Oakland Zoo

The team at the Oakland Zoo was so impressed with how well the trip from one zoo to the other went, they thanked FedEx on Facebook for ensuring the safe transport of the mountain lions and their caregivers. All members of the party arrived safe and in good health to begin to work and live in the Columbus area.

These Orphans Find a New Home

Now that the three orphaned mountain lions have a new home in Columbus, two of them will need names. The male was nicknamed “Captain Cal” by the firefighters who rescued him, but the two females have no names yet. These females are sisters but not related to the male. With one name in place, it won’t be long before the two ladies have names and are seen flourishing in their new environment.

A Sad Story with a Happy Ending

Captain Cal and the two female mountain lions are lucky to have been found and give us a feel-good story of humans stepping in to save wildlife. That’s unfortunately not the case for every animal that lives in the area burned by the California wildfires. Thankfully, these three creatures will have a happy and fruitful life in the Columbus Zoo thanks to the firefighters, the team at the Oakland Zoo, and the team at FedEx.

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