You’ll See New Postal Service Vehicles in Your Neighborhood Soon


Have you noticed the rundown and struggling drive of the United States Postal Service vehicles in your area? Many of the current Grumman Long Life Vehicles that are currently in operation are nearly thirty years old, which should scare you a little bit. These older models are certainly beyond their lifespan, and now they will finally be replaced by some new models that have an interesting look to them.

The Older Models Should Have been Gone Already

When you think of the fact that most places consider a vehicle that’s over 25 years old as a classic vehicle, these older postal service vehicles should have been put out to pasture. They not only use old engines that emit high levels of pollutants, but they also lack some of the basic safety features we take for granted. Thirty years ago we didn’t see airbags, ABS brakes, or air conditioning in most of the vehicles we saw on the road.

The USPS has Contracted Oshkosh Defense to Get the Job Done

A new design for updated postal service vehicles has been created and an initial investment of $482 million has been given to Oshkosh Defense to build as many as 165,000 new models forthe next ten years. This new model is being called the Next Generation Delivery Vehicle (NGDV) and it will be built to handle the job of delivering the mail.

The Postal Service Vehicles Designed for Various Powertrains

The NGDV is an odd-looking vehicle that can be right for handling the job of delivering the mail that we expect to arrive every day. This new vehicle is being designed to handle both internal combustion gasoline engines and new electric powertrains that may be used in the near future. The initial investment bythe USPS includes funding for a facility and the tooling needed to ensure manufacturing is handled in the United States.

Benefits of the Odd NGDV Postal Service Vehicles

This new design has been released and it certainly looks a lot different from the current mail trucks that are more conservative in their design. What we do see is a massive windshield and a short front end which makes it much easier for the carrier to see what’s going on around them. These new vehicles will be right-hand drive,which is typical of the mail trucks we see now because it allows drivers to pull up to mailboxes next to the road.


Modern Technology Will Be Present

When these new postal service vehicles are released, they will take a huge step forward for the USPS. Each model will include modern technology including a 360-degree camera, collision avoidance, traction control, airbags, air conditioning, blind-spot monitoring, telematics, a rearview camera, front and rear sensors in the bumpers, automatic braking for forward and reverse movement, and an automatic electronic parking brake.

The USPS Wants to be the Preferred Delivery Service

Moving to the modern world with great delivery vehicles is only one part of the ten-year multi-billion-dollar plan to regain the confidence of the general public in the USPS. The goal is to become the “preferred deliveryservice provider for the American public” accordingtothe USPS news release. Offering new vehicles with a unique style is certainly one step in this effort. The fact that these models will be new and won’t be sidelinedas much as the thirty-year-old Grumman models can make the USPS more efficient


How Do You Feel About the New Design of the Postal Service Vehicles?

You might not think much about the current mail trucks you see in your neighborhood but imagine this new model with its odd-looking front end and how you’ll suddenly notice. Now think about what it might feel like to see the NGDV moving around in your area without making a sound because it has an electric powertrain. You might think these are cool new models for the USPS that don’t pollute the air, or you might wonder how far these trucks can go on a full charge or why there’s such a strange design to this vehicle.

When Will WeSee the New NGDV Models

It’s expected that we will see the first models of the Oshkosh Defense NGDV postal service vehicles out in the neighborhoods sometime in 2023. Right now we have 190,000 mail carrier trucks on the road that need to be replaceddue to age. These new models will help improve the public opinion of the USPS and give us something to talk about as they begin to bring the mail through every kind of weather.

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