A Michigan Vacation Fits You Like a Glove

A Michigan Vacation Fits You Like a Glove

The shape of the state gives us a wonderful play on words to let you know that taking a Michigan vacation could be a lot of fun for you.

The state is shaped like a mitten or glove that you might wear in the wintertime, and it offers various great ways to enjoy the scenery, events, experiences, and fun of the state. With that in mind, let’s figure out where you want to visit in this amazing state.

Enjoy the Period Look of Mackinac Island

You’ll see a town that offers historic vies and period architecture when you make your way to Mackinac Island during your Michigan vacation. You can enjoy the views of a horse-drawn carriage crossing the roads, visiting Fort Mackinac, or heading over the Mackinac Bridge to connect to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. This is one of the only states with a waterway separating parts of the state, making it an interesting place to visit.

Enjoy the Amazing Views at Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore

Lake Michigan is one of the most amazing of the Great Lakes and is the only one that is entirely surrounded by U. S. soil. On the Michigan side of the lake, you can visit Sleeping Bear Dunes and see a beautiful lighthouse, amazing shore scenery, and the quiet place you want to enjoy.

Tour the Great Lakes Shipwreck Museum During Your Michigan Vacation

Located in Paradise, MI, this impressive museum shows you the history of sailors and ships that spend time on the Great Lakes moving items from place to place, You can check out Whitefish Point Light Station which is the oldest operating lighthouse on Lake Superior. You’ll be amazed by the stories and love the scenery around this museum area.

A Bit of Holland has Made it’s Way to Michigan

You need to make your Michigan vacation take place at the same time as the Tulip Time flower festival. You’ll love to see the windmills in the fields, the wooden shoe dancers in the streets, and the millions of blooms that give you the beauty you’re going to admire. This festival of flowers shows the beauty you’re going to want to see and admire.

Enjoy the Detroit Institute of Arts During your Michigan Vacation

The Detroit Institute of Arts has some of the most creative works from early cultures and from modern times. You’ll see more than 65,000 pieces in this museum, which is made of more than 100 galleries. You could spend several days at this museum or take your time over one day and see what you can enjoy when you’re on your vacation in this amazing city.

Bronner’s Christmas Wonderland Awaits Your Visit

If you choose the Christmas season for your Michigan vacation, a visit to this location is almost mandatory for you. Go through the stores and the shops that make up this amazing location. The store is the size of one and a half football fields to give you a place you can get lost in and enjoy your Christmas spirit to its fullest. Get ready for a great time at this wonderland.

Visit “The Henry Ford” in Greenfield Village

Three attractions make up what’s collectively known as “The Henry Ford” and it’s a legendary place for you to visit. This is where Henry performed his life’s work and began the innovation that has come to inspire and be part of our world every day. The town of Greenfield Village still looks like a 19th-century location where you can learn more about what took place during the life of Ford.

Find a Euchre Tournament and Learn this Fun Game

If you grew up in Michigan, you’re likely an expert at playing this fun card game. If you’re only in Michigan for your vacation, you could find a place to learn how to play Euchre. This fast-paced card game is easy to learn and gives you a game that you can teach to your friends and family. A great place to play is at Leelanau Sands Casino and Lodge.

Tour the University of Michigan

Your Michigan vacation could take you to the college town of Ann Arbor where the University of Michigan is located. You’ll see a large campus that has history, beauty, and amazing features around the area where you can enjoy the scenery. If you visit in the fall, you might want to have tickets to a football game and enjoy watching the Wolverines play while in attendance at one of the largest stadiums in the country.

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