March Madness is Almost Over with the Final Four Set

March Madness is Almost Over with the Final Four Set

With the Final Four set and ready to play, we are only three games away from crowning an NCAA basketball champion.

This will be the first time in two years after the pandemic-canceled playoffs from last year that robbed us of the joy and fun of March Madness. As expected, the ride to this point has been a bumpy one, but we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Looking Back a Little at this Tournament

Every year, we see the madness of the NCAA basketball tournament, also known as March Madness. It received this name through some of the unlikely teams that upset would-be favorites during the tournament. This year was no different with Ohio State being taken down by Oral Roberts University and a number 11 seed UCLA team making it all the way to the Final Four.

Another Unlikely Bit of Tournament Trivia

Years from now, we are going to ask the question “in which year did the NCAA basketball tournament take place without Kentucky, Duke, and North Carolina as part of the mix?” and the answer will be 2021. This unlikely scenario hasn’t left us wanting in this tournament at all. There has been plenty of amazing performances and other great teams that have stepped up, but these three basketball powerhouses are typically part of the mix and just didn’t make it this year.

Looking at the Final Four

Now that the Final Four is set for March Madness, let’s take a closer look at the teams left standing and what it might mean for them to win the tournament. The four teams still standing are the Gonzaga Bulldogs, Baylor Bears, Houston Cougars, and UCLA Bruins.

The Favorites to Win: Gonzaga Bulldogs

The Bulldogs, also affectionately known as the Zags, are riding a perfect season into the semifinals against UCLA. This team has the most lethal scoring offense in college basketball history once they cross the three-point arc and work the ball inside. Paint points come in bunchers for this team and a perfect season is on the line. With the Bulldogs defending a huge winning streak, we might see this team crowned as champions for the first time in history.

Another Favorite in the Baylor Bears

Much like Gonzaga, Baylor is one of the only two one-seed teams still standing in the tournament. This team enters the Final Four with a 26-2 record and is ready to take on Houston in the semi-finals. This team had a long winning streak before being struck by COVID-19 and is back on its winning run to be one of the four left standing. If they are able to be crowned champions, it will be the first NCAA basketball title for Baylor.

The Houston Cougars Have a Strong Team

Houston earned a two-seed for the tournament and has made it all the way to the Final Four. As another school without an NCAA basketball title, winning it all would be a huge positive for this school. When it comes to second-chance points and opportunities, no other team in the field has been as strong as Houston. This team will be a tough matchup for the higher-seeded Baylor Bears.

The UCLA Bruins Might Have What it Takes

An eleven-seed doesn’t often make it all the way to the Final Four, but not every eleven-seed is created equal. The UCLA Bruins are a team that can slow down another team and works to win a battle of attrition by giving the other team fewer opportunities. Scoring comes from all over for this team and they will be a tough matchup for the Gonzaga Bulldogs.

Get Ready to Watch the Final Four this Weekend

The Final Four semi-finals will be played this weekend at Lucas Oil Stadium on Saturday. The Championship Game will take place on Monday, April 5, also at Lucas Oil Stadium. The first game on Saturday will be Baylor vs. Houston at 5:14 pm on CBS with Gonzaga taking on UCLA at 8:34 pm. Get ready for some amazing action and see which two teams will be playing on Monday at 9:00 pm for the championship.

One Team Will be Crowned

After three more games, we will have an NCAA basketball champion. That team will get to cut down the nets, enjoy the rain of confetti, and experience the excitement of being the only team left standing at the end. Will it be an undefeated Gonzaga team or a tough Baylor squad? Will we see Houston dominate the boards to the championship or will UCLA find a way as the lowest-seeded team left? Tune in and see for yourself.

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