Protect Your Information from Online Hackers

Protect Your Information from Online Hackers

We’re always being warned about protecting our information and making sure we try to stay secure from active online hackers trying to get in.

There’s most certainly a link between the recent pandemic and this uptick in criminal cyber activity which has many worried about their personal and professional information. Take proper measures to ensure you don’t become a victim of these hackers.

An Increased Opportunity for Cyber Crime

Criminals use every way they can to steal from you and others. A crime that comes through your online activities has increased recently because there is a greater opportunity for criminals to attack. When the COVID-19 pandemic struck, many began to transition from an office environment to working from home. This opened the doors to these online hackers to begin to get into your data and take what they want.

How did the pandemic create this opportunity? With more people online using personal networks than ever before, data was more vulnerable than it’s been. Companies had to rely on employees to have security measures in place. Not only did this put professional data at risk, more time at home and online means more online shopping, which also puts personal data at risk. This created a huge opportunity for cybercriminals to strike and take what they wanted from you.

How are Online Hackers Getting In?

The biggest scam and hack that’s been detected recently is coming from a Russian company called Evil Corp. With the growth of work-from-home employees, and many networks not nearly as secure as the ones used by large corporations, this gave the hacking firm the opportunity to find a massive weak spot and prey upon it. They have launched a ransomware scam that could lead to paying this company to get your information back from them.

What Can You Do to Avoid Being a Victim?

The simple fact is the right virus protection software that has malware and ransomware detectors included can get the job done. There are many programs available to you that can help you avoid being hacked and becoming a victim of a cybercrime. If you’ve recently begun to work from home, you’ll want to make sure you have the right software to keep hackers out.

Avoid Becoming the Prey of Online Hackers

You’ll find the advice in many places, but the more security you can add to your online activities, the better. Don’t save passwords and credit card information online, ensure you’re always using a secure network with password protection, and don’t open items that you don’t recognize. Some of the hacks we see appear to be messages from family members. Check with that family member first to see if they sent you the message before opening it.

It’s pretty easy to avoid being a victim of a cybercrime, but you have to employ the right software to protect your information from the online hackers that are trying to take advantage of you. It’s worth the cost to avoid years of trouble trying to recover your information later.

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