The Best Teams in Baseball are Shaking Out

The Best Teams in Baseball are Shaking Out

We are in the dog days of summer and that means the best teams in baseball are slugging it out on their way to the postseason.

Can you smell the hot dogs? Are you looking forward to a beer on game day? Have you thought about the peanuts and cracker jacks in the famous song “take me to the ball game?” The summer sport that has been our national pastime is in full swing with only a few weeks to go.

The San Francisco Giants Remain at the Top

It doesn’t seem that any other team is going to dethrone the Giants at the top of the power rankings. They continue to roll with a team that’s made for the big games. Their current record of 77-42 is the best in baseball, which it has been for several weeks. Unless something strange happens, this could be one of the teams we see in the World Series.

Second Place Belongs to the Los Angeles Dodgers

Previously in the fourth spot, the Dodgers have won four straight games and eight of their last nine, which has propelled them into the second spot on this list. The Dodgers bring a record of 73-46 through 20 weeks of the season and are likely to secure a Wild Card spot as one of the best teams in baseball.

The Tampa Bay Rays Fall One Spot to Third

It’s likely only a small blip on the record for the Rays, but they did drop the final two of a three-game set against the Twins. No offense to the Twins or their fans, but this late in the season that should not happen to this team. Even so, the Rays are in the lead in the AL East with a record of 72-47 which keeps them in position to make a deep run in the playoffs.

Looking at the Fourth Spot we See the Houston Astros

The Astros got pushed down a spot with the Dodgers leaping from fourth to second in the power rankings. Even so, the Astros are certainly one of the best teams in baseball and will be a strong contender for the World Series crown. This might be met with some groans, but the 70-48 record and a weak division keeps the Astros in the mix.

The Milwaukee Brewers Move to the Fifth Spot

Moving up one spot from last week, the Brewers find themselves in the fifth position on this list. They’re currently 7 ½ games ahead of the Reds in the NL Central and have a record of 72-47. After winning six of their last seven games, its easy to see how the Brewers are poised to be a tough team to face going down the stretch and into the playoffs.

Sixth Belongs to the Chicago White Sox

The Field of Dreams game might have had a storybook ending for the White Sox, but they ended up losing that series to the Yankees when the games went back to the southside of Chicago. Even so, the White Sox are poised to be a tough out for AL teams in the playoffs. They are one of the best teams in baseball with a 69-50 record right now.

The Boston Red Sox Hold Onto the Seventh Position

The Red Sox are getting stronger with players returning they need to help make their run for the playoffs. Once far ahead of the rest of the AL East, the Red Sox now find themselves fighting for a Wild Card spot. Even so, the 69-51 record is nothing to sneeze at and they have had a lot of wins against the Yankees, a team they face this week.

The Oakland Athletics Found the Eighth Spot

The Athletics have jumped from the tenth spot on this list to the eighth position even though they lost two of three games to the Rangers. The A’s have a 68-51 record and only sit a couple of games behind the Astros. Currently, the A’s are one of the Wild Card teams, but that could be in jeopardy with the surging Yankees and tough-minded Red Sox in the mix.

Looking at the Rest of the League

9. New York Yankees 66-52
10. San Diego Padres 67-54
11. Toronto Blue Jays 63-54
12. Atlanta Braves 63-56
13. Cincinnati Reds 65-55
14. Philadelphia Phillies 61-57
15. St. Louis Cardinals 61-56
16. Seattle Mariners 63-56
17. New York Mets 59-59
18. Cleveland Indians 57-60
19. Los Angeles Angels 59-61
20. Detroit Tigers 58-62
21. Colorado Rockies 53-66
22. Miami Marlins 51-68
23. Minnesota Twins 53-66
24. Chicago Cubs 52-69
25. Washington Nationals 50-68
26. Kansas City Royals 50-67
27. Pittsburgh Pirates 42-77
28. Texas Rangers 42-76
29. Arizona Diamondbacks 38-81
30. Baltimore Orioles 38-79

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