Everything You Need to Know About Apple’s AirTags

Everything You Need to Know About Apple’s AirTags

Are you tired of losing your keys? Forgot where you set down your glasses? Apple AirTags are here to make your life easier.

These little devices are Bluetooth-enabled to allow you to track the attached device whenever you’re within range. These tags do not work on the Find My app, but they work on multiple devices using the Find My network. This feature means you can set the AirTag in lost mode and allow others with an iPhone, iPad, or Mac to help you locate the item. This could be extremely helpful, but there are many other ways to use these impressive little tracking devices.

Turn Your AirTag into an NFC Contact Card for Your Business

Instead of plastering your name and phone number on everything you do, you can use one of these small tagging devices programmed with your contact information. All another person needs is an NFC-equipped smartphone, it can be an iPhone or an Android, and they can receive your contact information. By tapping the white side of the device, a user sees a webpage that shows the information you’ve added. This could be a great way to get new business.

Use These Devices as Lifesaver Beacons

Those of us who are severely allergic to anything often carry around EpiPens at all times. Even if you don’t suffer from allergies, if you require life-saving medication, using Apple AirTags to offer information and the location of your medication could save your life. When someone else needs to find the medication, they can use the Find My app on your smartphone, even if you’re incapacitated, and handle the emergency without much trouble at all. This is a great way to add another layer of protection for your safety, and it could save your life.

Make it Easier to Find Your Pets

Check out any social media website, and you’ll see many pets that have gone missing. Even though some pets are chipped and returned to owners once found, these chips only work when the pet is located and taken to a vet. Using one of these Apple devices, you can track your pet and allow others to join in the search. All you’ve got to do is attach the device to your pet’s collar. If your pet is lost, you can put their tag in lost mode and allow your friends and neighbors to help you search for your pet.

Location Tracker for You and Your Kids

You can add another layer of security and tracking for kids and yourself. We hear about abductions, human trafficking, and lost people regularly. Wouldn’t it be great to have a second device on a person to help locate them? Try to place the Apple AirTags on items that will always be with your child or yourself but not on your phone. This way, if you lose your phone or someone takes it from you, there’s another tracker that can tell others where you are.

Aging Family Members Can Use a Tracker

Do you have an aging parent or grandparent who has dementia? While the situation is sad enough, what you truly don’t want to happen is for them to go wandering off somewhere. Secure one of these AirTags on something they carry with them all the time. It could be attached to their Medic Alert device, which they wear in the shower, and around their neck at all times. It should not be attached to an item of clothing or something they can easily set down and forget.

Make it Fun by Creating a Scavenger Hunt

You can make a game out of using the Apple AirTags. Devise a scavenger hunt at your home or around your neighborhood with these little devices hidden in the clues that your contestants can find. If you’re using several of these devices, you might need to number the clues because each one will show up on the player map, but you can figure that part out. The point is these types of games are a lot of fun and can be even more fun with a little added technology provided by the AirTags.

Apple AirTags Make Excellent Beacons for the Visually Impaired

People who don’t see well have a hard time with small screens and writing, but Apple addresses this problem. These little devices have a VoiceOver feature to give specific directions to anyone needing it. This means a person with visual impairments can attach these items to their glasses, car keys, wallet, or anything they might have trouble finding. The AirTag then speaks to them through their phone to give them specific directions to the lost item. This makes life a little bit easier for those who have to live in a world where their sight is questionable.

Track Your Stolen Bicycle

Most of us have either been the victim of a bike thief or know someone who is. Some of us left our bikes in the front yard overnight only to find them gone in the morning. Parents typically told us that it was our own fault for being irresponsible, which is true.  Now you have a way to track down your bike. If you hide an AirTag somewhere that others wouldn’t suspect, you’ll have a good chance of getting your bike back from the thief. Now, you know you can keep on riding with the knowledge you have the right tracking device on your bike.

Locate Your Car in the Parking Lot

Have you ever left a store or the shopping mall only to realize you can’t remember where you parked? If so, it’s time to put one of these Apple AirTags in your vehicle. Using this system, you’ll never search for your car in a sea of vehicles again. Instead, you’ll have a beacon to follow that will lead your right to your parked car.  This helps you get inside your car and head back to where you need to go. This could be a serious time-saver and keep you from panicking about where you parked your car.

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