Traveling This Summer Could Be Chaotic

Traveling This Summer Could Be Chaotic

Almost everything that we used to enjoy is coming back to some form of normal, including traveling in the summer.

Unfortunately, airlines, rental car companies, and hotels aren’t prepared for the immediate surge in vacationers and travel needs. Many airlines face staffing shortages and have canceled flights worldwide due to this problem. Rental car companies have increased rates to outrageous levels based on the lack of supply and increased demand. Of course, an additional issue with rental cars is the higher gas prices found around the globe. Hotels also face staffing shortages that might not be fixed anytime soon.

What Can You Do if You Want to Travel?

If you’ve been waiting for this summer to go on your vacation because you were waiting out the pandemic, then you have a great deal of patience. Guess what? That patience will come in handy this summer when the travel chaos begins. In August, the height of troubles could happen, causing many to face canceled flights, the need to use public transportation, and hotel rooms that can’t be serviced each day because of staffing shortages. If this isn’t your idea of a relaxing vacation, you have options.

It Might be a Good Idea to Simplify

The traveling you want to enjoy this summer might be better by simplifying your travel plans. Yes, you’ve waited two years, and you deserve to have the vacation you’ve always dreamed of, but this might not be the year for that. Many travelers have the same idea as you, and you’ll deal with all of them. To simplify, you could reduce something out of your trip. Maybe you take the flight but stay with friends and borrow their car, or use a rental car to drive where you want so you won’t be faced with possible flight cancellations.

Another option is to Create a Staycation

Even though you’ve dreamed of seeing exotic locations or something special in the country, that can wait one more year until everyone else has their initial travel plans out of their system. A staycation is a vacation you experience from home. You’ll put in for the time off from work but spend time in your bed, driving your car, and never have to get on a plane. A great way to enjoy a staycation is to turn every day into an adventure.

Turn the First Day Into a Relax Day

Turn off your alarm clock, sleep in, and plan for a nap later in the day. Use the first day of your staycation to relax and unwind. This can mean beginning a book that you’ll complete during your time off from work. Use this day to catch up on shows you’ve been meaning to watch or talk to some friends and family on the phone.

Make a Spa Day

Suppose you live close enough to a spa where you can get a massage, a pedicure, or a manicure; you’ll want to make a day where you do this and treat yourself to a nice lunch—this is a fantastic way to give yourself a relaxing time and get out of the house. You’ll avoid the chaos of the summer traveling challenges and experience some of the activities you would typically enjoy during a vacation away from home.

Is There a Nearby Spot You’ve Been Meaning to Check Out?

Whether it’s a local park, walking paths, a lake, or a nearby town, you can spend the third day of your staycation by heading out for a day trip. Turn this into your day away from home. Act like you’re a tourist and buy a souvenir during your time in this town or at the new location. It might become a place where you want to spend more time in the future.

Spend Some Time Outside

Does your city have some walking trails, a nearby park, or a peaceful place for you to have a picnic lunch? You’ll feel refreshed and relaxed when you get outside and enjoy what nature offers. If you’ve got a place where you can rent a canoe, spend some time exploring the local river or lake where you can enjoy the water and the beauty of the nature around you. This is a beautiful way to give you a staycation and a few different activities.

Does Your City Offer Something You Haven’t Experienced?

Is there a museum that you’ve been meaning to visit? If so, spend the morning seeing what the museum offers. Your day could be spent at local bookstores and coffee shops and end with a dinner at a new restaurant. This is undoubtedly a great way to avoid the traveling chaos this summer. Unless you live in a resort area, you won’t see a bunch of tourists coming to your town during your day in the city. Go to town and see what your local city offers.

Complete a DIY Project

If you’ve been meaning to get to some projects, but you haven’t been able to yet, one way to do this is by taking some time to get this job done during your staycation. If you don’t have any projects in mind, you might want to see if your local museum or art studio offers pottery, painting, or woodworking classes that you can enjoy. With your latest creation, you can learn a new skill and add something to your home’s décor.

Host a Game Night

Invite your friends and family over for a game night to finish your staycation before heading back to work. This beautiful final activity makes it easy for you to enjoy some time with your friends before you get back to the grind. You can tell them all about your adventures and what you’ve been doing all week.

Instead of participating in the chaos of traveling this summer, you can enjoy a wonderful staycation. Imagine staying in your bed, driving your car, and visiting places in your local area that you haven’t been to yet. This can be a lot of fun for you.

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