Quality Used Trucks for Sale for an Affordable Price

Affordable Used Trucks You Can Rely On

Good quality trucks at an affordable price can be hard to find. Trucks have so many features and abilities that even the most simple trucks cost over $10,000. A great way to find a quality truck is to find one used – you can still get a great vehicle without the overwhelming price tag if you shop used.

Here are a few affordable used trucks for sale now that you can rely on:

GMC Canyon

Affordable Used Trucks You Can Rely On

The GMC Canyon is a small pickup truck designed to provide big benefits in a small package. With the option of a four or five-cylinder engine and two or four-wheel drive, you can find a Canyon that suits your needs and desires.

Because it’s smaller, the Canyon has a lower towing capacity of 6,000 pounds but a fuel economy of 20 mpg in the city and 26 mpg on the highway in its 2007 model. Rather than towing or off-roading, the Canyon is more of a family vehicle.

Used GMC Canyons can be found for $15,000 or less but are a rarer find than other used trucks for sale on this list.

Ford F-150

No list of quality trucks is complete without mentioning the popular Ford F-150. This truck is made for everything – from hauling and towing to a smooth ride, the F-150 has it all. F-150s are also very customizable in the number of doors, truckbed size, and engine and transmission.

Ford is well-known for advanced safety and technology features that may make you feel left out to get a used F-150, but that isn’t the case. Models made between 2004 and 2016 have updated infotainment and safety features that help you ride in style without an outrageous price tag.

Depending on the generation of F-150 and its mileage at the time of sale, you can find a used model for as little as $6,000 or as much as $50,000.

Dodge Ram 1500

The Dodge Ram 1500 often competes with the Ford F-150 because it’s a similar full-sized truck. However, it has unique features that make it stand out – such as offering a manual transmission in models through 2016. As a four-door truck with a great towing capacity, the Ram 1500 can be a work truck or a family vehicle.

The appeal of a used Ram 1500 when compared to other trucks comes from its lower resale value – you can find a more affordable used Ram 1500 than any other used trucks for sale on this list.

You can find Ram 1500s from the early 2000s to 2010 with relatively low mileage for under $10,000.

There are many more used trucks for sale than just the three listed here that don’t sacrifice quality to be affordable. Taking time to assess your options and search will bring up many great used vehicles that suit your needs.

But in the meantime, these affordable used trucks are a great start to finding the best used trucks for sale for you!

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