Must Have Headphones for Your Next Run

Must Have Headphones for Your Next Run

When you want to be “in the zone” during your run, you need to have the right set of headphones. These are essential to your running enjoyment.

Some people have a playlist they love, others have a few inspirational sounds they want to listen to, while others still will tune in and start their work day during their time out on the roads. Unless you have a set of high-quality headphones, you might end up losing one, getting tangled in cords, or only having one that works. Instead of going cheap, buy one of these sets and enjoy the sounds you love for a long time.

Best Overall: Jabra Elite 7

When you want the earbuds that you know will give you the sounds you love for many hours of running, the Jabra Elite 7 headphones are what you want. These models stay in your ear, are great even on the toughest runs, and have high-quality Active Noise Cancellation and HearThrough features. As soon as you take these items out of their charging case they turn on and quickly connect to your phone to ensure you don’t have to delay your time on the trails.

The Beats Fit Pro Earbuds are Awesome

If you’ve got an Apple iPhone and you want a set of earbuds that coordinates perfectly with your phone, the Beats Fit Pro earbuds are what you want to use. These headphones will make your next run your most enjoyable. You can run for a long time and know these headphones are working the entire time. You’ll have tactile buttons to control the music and pick the right songs for the tough hills or for when its time to cool down.

When You Want Bone-Conduction, you want Shokz OpenRun

Your ears are left open for potential hazards while you listen to the music through the bones in your head. The Shokz OpenRun headphones make it easy for you to stay on the trail and enjoy the run without losing concentration on the world around you. It’s important you stay alert and aware and these headphones will help you maintain your focus during your time out on the road or trail.

The Tranya T40 Earbuds are Excellent

Sometimes your budget only calls for a small amount, but that’s ok. The Tranya T40 earbuds give you the sound quality you want and fit comfortably and securely in your ears. The battery lasts for up to 8 hours on a single charge and you’ll enjoy the physical buttons offered for different functions. These headphones are a great value, making them perfect for you when you’ve just begun your new fitness routine. If you’re looking for a great gift for the runner in your life, this is the item you’ll want to choose.

Stay Safe with the Cleer Goal Earbuds

If you want to hear the world around you but you don’t want to go with a set of bone-conduction headphones, these Cleer Goal earbuds are for you. If you spend a lot of time running trails in the woods and need to hear the sounds of nature, you’ll love this item. These earbuds have stabilizing wings to help them stay in place during your time in the outdoors. Put these items in and head out for your time in the wilderness.

The Bose Sport Open Earbuds Give you Excellent Sounds

Another great seat of earbuds that make it easy to run on trails and hear the world around you are the Bose Sport Open Earbuds. These headphones clip to the top of your ear to feed sounds into your ear canal during your run. Because your ears are open to the world around you, its possible to hear danger or other activities, which helps when you run on trails that might contain wildlife. Clip these headphones on and head out for your morning jog.

Go Small with the Vista 2 Earbuds

When you want a set of earbuds that’s extremely small and compact, these Vista 2 models are right for you. They might be small, but they can handle the job. These earbuds last up to eight hours on a single charge, making them perfect for your marathon training. If you need more time, the charging case has a battery that lasts an additional 16 hours, making it easy for you to run an extreme race with these earbuds.

Get a Tight Fit with the JLab JBuds Air Pro

Push all of the sounds of the world away with the JLab JBuds Air Pro headphones. These lightweight earbuds fit in your ears perfectly and keep the rest of the world out of your head. You can run for up to 9 hours with these headphones in your ears. You’ll love the functionality and the quality offered when you head out on the roads to log some serious miles. Never miss a song or a mile marker with these compact earbuds.

Get Active with the Skullcandy Push Active Earbuds

When you want a set of ear-hook design earbuds, these Skullcandy Push Active models are perfect for you. Sometimes you need to have something clipped on your ear to make sure your headphones don’t fall off during a run. These earbuds allow you to have that sense of security whether you hit the trails in the woods or jog on the side of a road. The best part is you’ll find these earbuds for a reasonable price.

If You Don’t Run Every Day, the Aukey EP-T32 Models Could be Right for You

Whether you don’t want to spend a lot on a set of wireless earbuds or you’re looking for a set that’s great for your occasional jog, these Aukey EP-T32 models could be perfect for you. These items use the hook-over design, which is perfect when you have ears that are hard to fit. The charge is long enough for most long runs, giving you headphones you can trust while out on the trails. Everything is easy to control with these affordable Aukey earbuds.

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