The Best DIY Halloween Costumes

The Best DIY Halloween Costumes

Whether you’re an adult or a child, you can make a costume for Halloween. Sometimes, the best DIY Halloween costumes are the ones that win the contests.

When you put some thought, effort, and creativity into your costume, you’ll be proud of what you’ve created. Some families stop buying costumes for kids once they reach their teenage years, which means they’ve got to come up with something creative and fun to go out and gather candy. Thankfully, there are millions of DIY ways to dress up and enjoy the fun of the spookiest night of the year.

Elle Woods Might be an Adult-Only Costume

Whether you like the movie Legally Blonde or you’ve been trying to find an excuse to wear that pretty pink mini-dress that’s in your closet, you can dress up as Elle Woods from the Legally Blonde movie. This is a costume that Kim Kardashian wore, which might give you some credibility in putting it on. If you’ve got a small dog that fits in a handbag, that will finish off the costume and give you a great look all night on Halloween.

Turning Into Baby Yoda is Pretty Easy

Instead of buying the cheap costume with the plastic mask, paint your child up and let them go out as Baby Yoda. This is one of the best DIY Halloween costumes, and it’s pretty easy to complete. You can order the headband that comes with the Yoda ears, and then all you need is some green body paint and a tan fleece or burlap coat. This isn’t too hard to pull off, and your child will be much more comfortable in face paint than looking through a plastic mask.

A Ghost Costume is a Classic Favorite

How hard is it to become a Ghost for Halloween? All you need is a white flat sheet that no one cares about. Cut a couple of eyeholes in the sheet, and you’ve got a ghost costume. If you want to take things a little farther, place black mess over the eyeholes to give the look of an empty area under the sheet. You can also cut out black construction paper holes and glue them on the sheet to have the look for the Charlie Brown Halloween Special.

Becoming a Vampire is Pretty Simple Too

A little fake blood, white face paint, fake teeth, and some hair gel can turn almost anyone into a vampire. This is one of the easiest and best DIY Halloween costumes for you or your kids. Use a black sheet as a cape and dress up in a white dress shirt and black pants. For some reason, most vampires have been shown as well-dressed beings. This look will be a big hit, and it doesn’t cost much to put it together.

Turn Your Head into a Jack-O-Lantern

If part of the family joke is how large and round your head is, now is the time to turn your head into a jack-o-lantern. To do this, wear a bald cap and paint it orange, cut out a stem from cardboard and glue it to the top, and then paint your face orange with black places for the cutouts. You’ll need some help with this costume, but it can be one of the best. If you put on a cloak or some period garb, you could turn yourself into the headless horseman.

Could You be a Mop and Bucket for Halloween?

Do you have some naturally curly hair that flows down to your shoulders? A fun and unique costume would be to dress as a mop and bucket. Find a large box and paint it silver with some markings to show the bucket has been used many times. Roll your hair together in a dreadlock fashion and dye your hair white or gray. Attach a handle to the top of your head with a band that goes under your chin, and you’ve got one of the best DIY Halloween costumes that your family and friends have ever seen.

Maybe You’ll Go Out as Charlie Brown This Year

The most popular character from the Peanuts comics is Charlie Brown. His simple look is pretty easy to use as a costume. All you need is a pair of brown pants, a yellow t-shirt, and a bald cap. Cut out a black zig-zag pattern from cardboard or construction paper and attach it to the shirt. Draw the little curl on the bald cap to show the little bit of hair that Charlie Brown has. Put this all together, and you’ve got a great costume.

Become a Gift to Someone or Something

There are a couple of ways to do this. If you buy a large blank tag, you can hang that tag around your neck, and you’ll be the gift of something for someone else. Another way to make this one of the best DIY Halloween costumes to wear is to use a large box that you can wear out all night and wrap it on leftover paper from last year.

Becoming a Witch is Pretty Easy for Most People

Another use of a small dress that you’ve got hiding in your closet is to become a witch. Pull out that little black dress, get a pointed witches hat, and grab a broomstick. With that little dress, you’re likely going for the sexy witch look, which means you don’t want to turn your face into an ugly mess. Of course, if you wear a large black gown, you can paint your face green and add some warts to become an ugly witch.

Its Easy to Become a Milkshake

With a bit of cotton batting and a red balloon, you can become a convincing milkshake. Grab a white, pink, or brown dress to be your flavor. The cotton batting goes on your head as the whipped cream, and the red balloon is the cherry on top. Of course, if you prefer a mint shake, a lime green dress can be the right choice for you. This is an easy way to make one of the best DIY Halloween costumes you’ll ever wear.

Which one of the best DIY Halloween costumes will you make this year? Are you making a costume contest winner or creating something that’s just fun for you to wear?

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