Top Picks for Your White Elephant Gift Exchange this Year

Top Picks for Your White Elephant Gift Exchange this Year

A white elephant gift exchange replaced the idea of a Secret Santa exchange by offering randomness to the gifts being exchanged, making it more fun.

The idea of Secret Santa was to pull names out of a hat and buy a gift for that one person you drew. White elephant gift exchanges are different. Each person brings a random, fun, and useful gift with no single person in mind. The exchange begins with one person opening the first gift and the second either taking that gift or choosing from the remaining wrapped gifts until everyone has a gift. This is a great way to enjoy some holiday fun and a relatively affordable and useful gift.

Here are some excellent white elephant gifts to bring to your exchange this year.

Etsfmoa Unisex Beanie with Light

It’s winter, and many people love to wear beanie-style hats to keep their heads warm. For those who love to take walks in the early morning or at night after dark, a beanie with a light in it can shine brightly on the path and help the recipient find their way in the dark. This little beanie could be a great choice with its rechargeable light and soft material.


Bananagrams is a go-anywhere game that is a lot of fun. If you like coming up with words, as is done while playing Scrabble or playing Boggle, this could be a great choice for the white elephant gift to bring to your party. Of course, if your goal is to get your own gift, you might have to fight others who love board games to keep Bananagrams in your possession, but that’s part of the fun of one of these exchange parties.

Faber-Castell Paint by Number Museum Series

This series of watercolor paint-by-number scenes gives you several great choices to bring to the party. Many adults have found pleasure in coloring in books some called adult coloring books that either have adult scenes or difficulty not fit for children. A paint-by-number scene could be a lot of fun for your gift recipient to enjoy painting and creating different scenes, similar to “The Starry Night” which is a famous work of art.

Paine Products 24 Balsam Sticks & Holder

If you want to give the scents of real pine trees for several months, this product could be perfect. The cylinders are all made from Maine balsam trees that are ground, dried, and pressed. When these cylinders are lit, the scent is wonderful and makes anyone feel like they’ve entered a pine forest. The holder box is also charming and attractive. This could be the white elephant gift that many people at your party fight over and want to take home with them.

Fred M-Cups

These interesting cups resemble Russian nesting dolls and can sit on the counter in any home as a decorative piece. This item can help those who love to bake and cook easily find their measuring cups while also displaying something attractive on their counter. The dolls each have six dry measuring increments from a quarter to a full cup, offering a great way to always find your cups when you need them. These items are made from BPA-free plastic to make sure you can use them with any food.

D.S. & Durga Wilde Brooklyn Lavender Auto Fragrance

Everyone appreciates the lovely smell in their car. During winter, many drivers avoid cleaning out their cars, simply because it’s cold outside, and it’s unpleasant to clean the car in the cold. This wonderful automotive scent could be the white elephant gift that’s appreciated for several weeks. The lovely lavender scent will make the car smell great. Of course, if your party is at your office, you might see the recipient hang this item by their desk with a fan pointed in their general direction to enjoy the scent throughout the day.

Dependable Products Frog Sponge Holder

Your dish sponge should dry out after use, and many people look for cute or fun ways to hang the sponge. Why not give a frog that can hold the sponge in its mouth, which could make doing the dishes just a little more fun? This item is cute and fun to see when next to the sink. It’s hard to be in a bad mood when you can turn and look at this smiling frog waiting for you to finish your chore and give it the sponge.

Which of these white elephant gifts will make it to your holiday party this year?

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