10 Ways to Make 2023 the Best Year Ever

10 Ways to Make 2023 the Best Year Ever

Instead of treading lightly into the newness of 2023, how about we work to make it the best year ever? Let’s look at some great ways to make this happen.

Why haven’t you been able to keep your New Year’s resolutions in the past? Have some years felt like they’ve kicked you while you were down? It’s time for you to take control of the situation and find meaningful ways to make 2023 a much better year than what you’ve had in the past. Here are ten ways to make this happen.

1. Reflect Upon Your Accomplishments from 2022

Do you feel like this past year has been a complete waste of your time and energy? It’s time to infuse some positivity into the situation by reflecting upon your successful accomplishments during the year. Did you receive a promotion? Have you made some small changes in your life? Have you reconnected with people you haven’t seen in a long time? Write these down and realize just how much you’ve done. Now, set aside some time each week or month to reflect on your accomplishments for these short periods of time. You’ll find that you’ve had a much better year than you might realize.

2. Do Nothing for a Little Bit

Instead of making a bunch of New Year’s resolutions you’ll ultimately break after a week or less, do nothing. One way to make 2023 the best year ever is to give yourself some peace, time, and solitude. There’s nothing wrong with time away from people, electronics, your job, and your responsibilities to recharge your batteries. During this time, you might find the positive changes you want to make in your life. A little “nothing time” could be good for you once a month.

3. Make Joyful Activities a Priority

Have you put off planting a garden because your family continually pulls at your strings and stretches you in different directions? Do you want to read a good book, but it seems like you’ve got too much work to do all the time? Have you avoided the gym because your life has gotten too busy? If gardening, reading, or working out brings you joy, you need to make these things a priority in your life. Whatever activity brings you joy, make it important, schedule time for it, and don’t let anything stop you from adding some happiness to your life.

4. Be Intentional in Your Daily Actions

Start every day with an intention. This could be as simple as organizing the junk drawer, or it could be as complicated as volunteering your time and energy to help a food bank or local charity. Regardless of what that intention is if you start every day with something that will be the “theme” or intent of the day, you’ll find that you’re making 2023 the best year ever.

5. Make Some New Friends This Year

Are you a bit of an introvert? Have you avoided some social gatherings and stayed within your small circle? Do you know the neighbors down the street? If you want to broaden your circle and grow as a person this year, make some new friends. You can do this by going to social gatherings or taking classes that you might not normally attend. Another idea is to bring a favorite dish to a neighbor down the street that you’ve never met before.

6. Write and Review Your List of Goals for 2023

Instead of New Year’s resolutions, create a goals list for 2023. You don’t have to do this on January 1, but you should try and do it within the first week of the year. If you’ve had trouble sticking with a list of goals, start with one for this year. Make that goal your priority all year long. Review it regularly, track your progress, and set small goals to build toward the ultimate end-of-year goal. This is a great way to make 2023 the best year ever. At the end of the year, you can see how you’ve accomplished your single goal.

7. Try and Find the Bright Side of Things

Optimism and positivity don’t happen by accident. These things begin with positive language, even in your thoughts. If you’re accustomed to using negative language such as problem and trouble, change these to opportunity and challenge. When you look at a challenge as just that, it could make you want to overcome it. When you see an opportunity to learn, grow, and improve, you’ll be pleased to have a chance to take something from a negative situation to make it positive.

8. Be Compassionate With Yourself

You’re going to fail. Can you accept this fact? You might be a person that does things safely and doesn’t experience failure often, but you have experienced it before. If you’re trying to do something new to make 2023 the best year ever, you will have some stumbles and failures along the way. How are you going to handle these challenges? If you handle them with compassion for yourself, you’ll find the strength to try again and eventually find success.

9. Build Some Healthy Habits

If you want to be more active in 2023 but you’ve been a couch potato in 2022, it’s going to hurt. Start small and build some healthy habits. The more you focus on being healthy, the better you’ll feel. You might start with replacing soda by water or stretching for a few minutes every morning. Eventually, this could lead to more and better health habits that make you feel great.

10. Close the Chapter on Previous Years

Are you holding onto grudges from the past? Do you beat yourself up about some of your previous transgressions? Now is not the time to bring the past forward; now is the time to leave it where it belongs. Close those previous chapters and allow yourself to move forward. Try to reconnect with those you’ve avoided, start from today, and make positive movements forward. Let your past only be a learning experience to help you avoid the same mistakes in the future.

Using these ten tips, you could make 2023 the best year ever. It might be a good idea to keep this article handy to review regularly when you need to restart your goals or give yourself a bit of a break.

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