Top 5 Cities to Move to in Indiana


Thinking of moving to Indiana? The midwest has a lot to offer, and the Hoosier state is a fantastic place to live if you are considering relocating.

Planning a Move? Indiana Has it All

With a great nature scene, good schools, a big city, and Lake Michigan to the North, Indiana has a lot to offer. The state of Indiana borders Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, and Kentucky, which are all great places to travel to. Our top 5 cities are havens for artists, nature lovers, students, and growing families.

Keep reading to learn all you can about the top 5 cities in Indiana.

5. Lafayette


Situated about an hour away from Indianapolis, Lafayette is a very popular college town. Home to Purdue University and the Ivy Tech Community College, Lafayette is a great place to live if you are a student, professor, or someone looking to live in a scholarly community. With lots of bars and quality restaurants, you’ll always have something to do here. Because Lafayette is a college town, many young people live here. Also, there are many excellent public schools here, which bring in a lot of families.

4. Plainfield


Plainfield is a humble but remarkable place to live in Indiana. Many people move here because it is so close to Indianapolis and because there is a great market for people looking for new jobs. With great options for schooling and public services, families don’t have to worry about bringing their children here.

3. Carmel


Carmel might just be one of the best places to live in all of America. The city, which is just outside of Indianapolis, is great for anyone looking to start fresh or raise a family. The city is home to many quality schools and an abundance of safe neighborhoods. With art galleries in town and frequent festivals, there is always something to do in Carmel. And, if you ever get bored or need to see the bright lights, Indianapolis is only 30 minutes away.

2. Indianapolis

As the capital and largest city in the state, Indianapolis has it all. Home to the Indy 500, the Pacers, and the Colts, there is a plethora of entertainment within this city. It’s busy, and it’s fun, and it’s surprisingly quiet in some areas, such as the White River State Park.

1. Bloomington

Home to Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana, is the number 1 city to move to in this state. Bloomington has a lot to offer besides its well-known university. The city seems to have a sense of life that you just can’t find anywhere else. It’s a great place if you are a student, but it’s an even better place if you are a young professional looking for a place to plant some roots. It’s a popular city to move to right now, but the cost of living is still low. This city would be a great place to move to.

There’s a Place for Everyone in Indiana

Moving to a new city is not as easy as it sounds. Much planning, researching, and preparing go into the moving process. Indiana has plenty to offer for college students, active singles and retirees, and families. If you’re ready for a new place to live, Indiana is a great option.

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