Top 10 Winter Skiing Destinations

Top 10 Winter Skiing Destinations

If you love to put on skis and head down the slopes, you’ll want to visit these winter skiing destinations where you can enjoy the fresh powder and beauty.

Do you love the views atop mountain ranges? Have you found skiing to be one of the true pleasures of your life? If you’re looking for a wonderful place to go to enjoy the fun and beauty of skiing during your winter vacation, you’ll want to head to one of these many places where you can head down the slopes and enjoy the fun and beauty offered.

Go north to Whistler in British Columbia

The mountains and slopes found in Whistler make it one of the top places to go skiing every year. This location offers amazing ski resorts, beautiful towns, and more than 200 marked runs where you’ll find the fun you desire. Whether you want to go skiing or snowboarding, you’ll love everything about crossing the northern border to head into Canada to one of the most amazing places for some winter fun. After your time on the slopes, head to Whistler Village or go shopping at the Olympic Plaza.

Vail, Colorado is one of the most popular locations for skiers

If Vail isn’t on the list of the best winter skiing destinations, you shouldn’t be reviewing that list. This location in Colorado is where many celebrities go for some fun during the winter months. The mountain has 5,317 acres of skiable terrain where you can spend some time going down various slopes. There are also many amazing off-mountain activities for you and your family to enjoy. These include ice skating, tubing, sledding, spas, and hockey games.

Are you a serious skier? Head to Courchevel in France

Courchevel is where you’ll find the skiing experience of a lifetime. This area has the world’s largest Alpine ski area, with 600 km of ski runs across ten different mountain peaks. This area is served by 60 lifts and has many great ways for you to enjoy the fun of one of the most incredible winter activities. In addition to the amazing ski area, you’ll find many restaurants that offer the cuisine that will make this adventure even more memorable. The area is served by five villages with Michelin-starred locations to eat.

You’re sure to love the slopes in Park City, Utah

Park City is just east of Salt Lake City and is one of the most beautiful locations in the world. If you want your winter skiing destination to make you feel like you’re skiing down an artwork, this is the place to go. Enjoy the area and book your stay at any of the many hotels and ski lodges in the area, where you’ll enjoy easy access to the snow that’s piled high to give you the most amazing skiing experience.

For a great European ski trip, head to Zermatt, Switzerland

The Swiss Alps offer some of the most incredible and popular ski slopes in the world. The area of Zermatt has become known as the best ski resort in the country, which says a lot. This is a great place to enjoy the skiing you want to enjoy, including going down the Matterhorn, which offers some amazing views that you’ll want to take in right before launching down the mountain. Let this be the place you go when you’re ready to go skiing in Europe.

Aspen, Colorado is one of the most amazing winter skiing destinations

Another name that should be on any list of the top places to go skiing is Aspen. This is one of the most popular and amazing places for you to strap on the skis and head down Aspen Mountain for some wonderful snow-covered fun. Some areas are less crowded than others, but even those where many people visit are served well by the locals, making it easy to enjoy some fun-filled days on the slopes.

Sun Valley Resort could be the right place in Idaho for you

If you want to get away from some of the most popular places to go skiing, head to Idaho and check out Sun Valley Resort. This is a location that’s favored by celebrities and billionaires, but that doesn’t make it a crowded place to go. You’ll love the peacefulness of the ski village in the middle of Idaho, where you can enjoy the fun of the surrounding mountains and slopes offered. You just might run into someone that you’ve only seen in movies or in the news.

Japan offers some skiing fun in Niseko

There are four ski resorts in the area of Niseko, which give you several great ways to enjoy the fun of skiing. This is a wonderful way to ski down the slopes of a volcano and experience the winter wonderland offered while visiting the island nation of Japan. Head to Niseko and let it be one of the most amazing winter skiing destinations you’ve ever been to. More than two-thirds of the slopes are for beginner and intermediate skiers, making it a great place to visit when you’re not an expert skier.

Big Sky, Montana offers some of the most amazing natural landscapes for skiing

Head to Big Sky Resort in Montana and let this be the most wonderful place you’ve ever gone for some skiing fun. This area is considered the biggest skiing in America, with more than 300 ski runs and several lift lines. You’ll love the beauty and fun of Lone Peak, which takes you up to the top of an 11,166-foot mountain only accessed by tram. From the top, you can see three states and two national parks.

Enjoy the contrasting elements of Kitsbuhel, Austria

Known as the best place to ski in Austria, Kitsbuhel offers some amazing winter fun while also being a place of many contrasts. You’ll find rustic guesthouses next to modern-designed boutiques that make this town look incredibly eclectic. When you’re done skiing, there are some amazing hiking trails and restaurants for you to enjoy. This has to be one of the best winter skiing destinations in the world. Head to this area of Austria and enjoy the winter wonderland offered.

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