What’s in Store for Buick? A Glimpse at Its History and the Future Ahead

A Look Back at History With One of the Nation’s Oldest Automotive Companies

Born From humble beginnings and with over a century of automotive offerings, Buick has built a name for itself as one of the nation’s most recognizable auto brands. Over the years, however, Buick has seen its fair share of ups and downs. In today’s time, the very few Buick vehicles offered to the public might simply reflect one of the lulls the automaker may be going through. Still, don’t discount Buick as it remains to be a competitive player in the ever-changing automotive landscape.

What’s in Store for Buick’s Future

If you’ve wondered why the Buick dealership in my area has a limited selection of Buicks, you are not the only one. Buick currently offers a rather limited selection of vehicles when compared to its competition. The automaker offers three distinct SUVs and crossovers each with its own unique trim. Buick’s ability to offer quality vehicles with features that drivers command has allowed it to stay rather solid in what’s grown to be an ever-competitive Industry. Despite its limited selection, Buick’s parent company, General Motors, has kept the automaker in its portfolio.

As one of the nation’s oldest automakers, dating back to 1899, Buick has been able to withstand changes in the automotive market, constant innovation, and its ever-growing list of competitors. Its ability to deliver well-loved vehicles like the Model C under the steadfast leadership and investment of William C. Durant has proven that the automaker is still a worthy contender. Throughout its early decades, Buick was able to lead the pack in the automotive industry, but as the early 2000s crept in, Buick began to take a back seat.

Over the recent decades, however, Buick has been able to hold on as an automaker worth taking seriously because of its popularity in China. While U.S. markets saw decreased sales of Buick models, the automaker was able to hold its grip on Chinese markets.

Buick Will Still Need to Overcome Undeniable Hurdles

While the automaker hasn’t announced plans to release any new vehicles anytime soon, Buick has made it a point to share its ambitions for the future. The automaker is prepared to hold its own in the electric future with its concept car the Wildcat EV. Touting all the desired features of a modern EV, Buick has made it clear that it plans to put up a worthy fight as it challenges its rivals.

Its concept EV is set to debut in 2024 and the automaker has made it a goal to transition to an all-electric line up by the end of the decade in both U.S. and Canadian markets. This ambitious goal is part of the overarching vision of GM as a whole as both Buick and its parent company prepare to shift to an all-electric portfolio. With this vision in mind, GM is undoubtedly going to keep Buick around for at least another decade or so.

Shifting to an all-electric portfolio will also allow Buick to lighten up its reliance on China. In doing so, it could swing the pendulum back into U.S. consumerism as Americans continue to gravitate toward electric vehicles.

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