Are You Looking for an SUV That Takes Off-Roading Seriously? Check Out the Honda Pilot TrialSport to Meet Your Adventuring Match

Honda Pilot

Older versions of the Honda Pilot had a trim that helped you look like an adventurous off-
roader – they had all the style, but very few of the features. Now, Honda has released a
TrailSport trim that takes off-roading as seriously as it deserves.

From the first announcement to the current capabilities, it’s time to find out what the Honda Pilot
TrailSport can really do and how it stands out from the competition.

Honda’s 2022 Announcement of the All-New Pilot – How It’s Changed

In November 2022, Honda did a press release discussing how the fourth-generation Honda Pilot
had improved – with a special focus on the TrailSport as the most off-road-ready Honda SUV
ever made.

The newest version of the Honda Pilot was introduced as the ultimate family SUV while also
being larger, more powerful, and more ruggedly styled than ever before.

Upgrades to the Pilot included a larger second and third row of seating, a more upscale interior
with premium cabin materials, and a more powerful powertrain with added off-road capabilities.
But other than that, the rest of the announcement was about the TrailSport trim. It was designed
to help weekend adventurers get off the beaten path more often and let true off-roaders make
the most of their trips whenever they go out.

So what exactly did the TrailSport bring to the table that set it apart from the rest of the Honda
Pilot’s trims, and how does it compete with or surpass other off-roading vehicles on the market

What Makes the TrailSport Stand Out From Other Honda Pilot Trims

Despite keeping the same engine as other models of the Honda Pilot, the TrailSport’s drivetrain
has much more to offer than your average SUV.

With Hill Descent Control and Trail Torque Logic, you never have to worry about when your tires
leave the ground or the speed you travel at. A seven-mode driving system lets you take on any
challenge, from towing and trail travel to sand and snow.

18-inch all-terrain wheels, skid plates, roof rails, and unique color options help you stand out no
matter where you go, in addition to helping you be prepared for driving in the city or on a trail.
The interior is still designed for comfort and luxury with heated leather seats and tri-zone climate
control, but you can also let your outdoor adventure in through a panoramic moonroof.

All of this makes the Honda Pilot TrailSport a truly unique off-roading adventure-focused SUV.

What the Newest Honda Pilot Model Can Do For You Today

So if you’re looking for a way to take your family through your city during the week and through
the woods on the weekend, you’ll want to go check out the Honda Pilot TrailSport at your local
Honda dealer.

Make the combined power, comfort, and adventure of the new Honda Pilot part of your regular
drive today.


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