Hot Summer Days – Don’t Burn Your Butt

Hot Summer Days - Dont Burn Your Butt

How many times have you gone out to your car on a hot summer day only to scorch your butt or the back of your legs on the seats when you get in? The hot interior of a car that’s been sitting in the sun all day can be an awful place for you, and if you’re in a hurry, you’re stuck driving in a vehicle that feels like it’s a sauna on wheels. There are ways to avoid having a car that’s so hot that you’re miserable until the air conditioning kicks in and has seats that leave you with burn marks on your body.

Get a Sunshade

The largest window in your car is the one that’s the biggest offender to the heat you feel. If you place a sunshade in your windshield every time you park for the day, you’re going to avoid getting in a car that’s as hot as it’s been most of the time. Find one that’s easy to install for you and folds away to be stored where you want. These items come in a shape that offers a steel-ring to fold away in a storage pouch easily, in an accordion shape which is pretty common and fairly cheap, a roll-up style that can be custom fit to your windshield, and in an umbrella style that can offer a canopy for the entire car.

Cover the Side Windows When It’s Hot

Side window sunshades aren’t just great for when your vehicle is sitting idle in the sun, but they can help provide protection from the sun for those sitting in the back of your vehicle when you drive. These items can attach to the inside of the window and offer you visibility out to allow you to keep them installed while you drive.

Tinting the Windows

Not only can you tint the windows of your car in order to have a great look and feel inside the cabin, but the tint used can have a UV protection much like a pair of sunglasses. This means you can have a car that looks more impressive and offers you a greater level of protection against the sun when you drive. If you’re ready to have your windows look great and help keep your vehicle cooler when it’s in the sun, a set of tinted windows will get the job done for you.

More Tips to Beat the Heat

Blankets – If you put a white blanket or towel over the seat or steering wheel, it’s going to reflect the sun and keep your seating area cooler for when you drive.

Open the Windows – Open your windows slightly, not so much as to get your hands inside, and your car will remain cooler. Hot air is lighter than cooler air and as the air heats up it will escape out the windows.


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