Don’t Let the Holidays Sabotage Your Workout Routine

Don’t Let the Holidays Sabotage Your Workout Routine

Whether your workout routine is geared toward weight loss or the fitness level you’ve achieved, don’t let the holidays sabotage your progress.

It’s important that you remember you don’t need to overeat, you can still get your workouts in, and enjoy some progress toward your fitness goals. Here are some ways that you can stay on track and still enjoy the holidays with your friends and family.

Think About the Time and Plan Your Workout Routine

The time between Halloween and the New Year is 62 days long. That’s a long time and it gives you a good chunk of the year to think about the holiday activities you’ll enjoy. While you may have a lot of commitments during this time, you need to realize you can still find time to work out. If you work out three times a week, that’s 20 times over 62 days, you can get it done.

Change Your Routine

If you’re used to working out in the evening, but most of your time after work during the holidays is taken by activities, start working out in the morning. Many gym locations have classes and are open early in the morning to make sure the early birds can get their workouts in. If you don’t want to go early but would rather go later, make sure you belong to a gym that’s open 24 hours a day.

Keep Your Workout Routine with At-Home Workouts

Some days you might not be able to get to the gym at all but may need to knock out a 20-minute workout in your bedroom at night. This is certainly better than no workout at all and you can find a ton of online workouts that you can do. Don’t let your holiday schedule sabotage your fitness level and goals. Get that work in and enjoy the feeling you get from your workout.

Approach Eating Differently During the Holidays

You want to stick to your goals, continue to lose weight, or make sure your beach body isn’t damaged during the holidays. You can do this by incorporating some healthier eating habits during the holiday season. Here are a few tips for you:

• The right snacks –Bring a fruit or veggie tray with a healthy dip and make this your snacking option

• Protein –Eat something high in protein before attending a gathering to curb your appetite

• Don’t keep leftovers –Send leftovers with family and friends, if you don’t have it in your house, you won’t eat it

• Create a healthier dish –If you’re going to a potluck create healthier versions of some of the classic holiday dishes and make sure you have some of this on your plate

• Water –Drink water after every few bites to slow down your eating and make yourself fuller faster.

Practice the 80/20 Rule for Eating and Your Workout Routine

Choose foods that support your fitness goals at least 80 percent of the time and make sure you get to the gym at the same rate. Don’t beat yourself up when you decide on something that you know is bad for you, it’s not going to be the end of the world. Taste and savor the food you’re eating and enjoy the workouts when you make it to the gym.

Schedule Your Workout Routine

With the technology we have today, you can easily skip a late show and get up earlier for a morning workout. You might find it possible to break your workout session into two or three mini sessions during the day instead of one long one. Get your friends and family involved in a hike or game that gets everyone moving and let this be your workout.

Set Some Clear Boundaries for Food and Exercise

Don’t allow your fitness goals to become a back-burner, I’ll get back to it in January, item, create a clear set of goals and boundaries for yourself, and stick to it. Make it simple and easy for you. Here are some ways you can do this:

• I will eat X servings of fruits and vegetables each day

• I will exercise for X minutes X times each week

• I will maintain my weight at or below X pounds

Come Out of the Holidays On Top

Stick to your workout routine through the holidays, but when you slip, don’t beat yourself up. If you’re able to stick to your goals and work on your progress throughout most of the holiday season, you’re going to be well ahead of most of the people who allow the holidays to sabotage their workout routines.

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