What are the MLB Power Rankings for Week 10?

What are the MLB Power Rankings for Week 10?

We try and visit this topic every week to see where the MLB power rankings are and which teams are at or near the top of the list.

With games being played every day, it’s easy for this list to get shaken up regularly. Ten weeks are now in the books and we have made it through the first part of the season which typically serves as a barometer for the rest of the season.

The Tampa Bay Rays are in the Top Spot

The Rays moved up from the second position to the top spot with a strong record and excellent team baseball. Until recently, this team didn’t seem to have one standout player, but they carry a 39-24 record through ten weeks to give us a look at a team that could be a threat when the playoffs begin in October.

The Chicago White Sox are Climbing

Not long ago, the White Sox were the top team in the MLB power rankings, but they dropped to fourth quickly. After ten weeks, this Chicago team finds itself in the second position with a 37-24 record that shows their winning ways. There’s a better than good chance that the White Sox will be the American League Central representative in the playoffs at the end of the year.

Third Place Belongs to the San Francisco Giants

The Giants moved up from fifth last week to be third on this list. The injury list for the Giants is growing every week, but this team just continues to find ways to win. Their record of 38-23 is certainly more than simply a respectable number right now. Hopefully, the players on the injured list will make it back soon and be able to contribute to the success of this team.

Fourth Place is Where We See the San Diego Padres

Last week, the Padres were on top of this list as the team that was leading the MLB power rankings. The Padres have a 37-27 record which is excellent considering the tough division they play in. We should see this team out of San Diego in the playoffs at the end of the year, provided all the key players stay healthy.

The Los Angeles Dodgers are in the Fifth Spot

Another team that has had to deal with the injury bug is the Dodgers. With a record of 36-25, it seems the Dodgers are hanging on to one of the top spots in the league as they wait for players to return. Last week, this team was third on this list, but recent injuries have caused them to fall a little to be in the position they are in right now.

We See the Boston Red Sox in the Sixth Spot

After sweeping the Yankees in New York for the first time in more than two years, the Red Sox are holding strong in the sixth position on this list. This team is looking to get stronger with some players returning from injuries soon, which will only add to their 37-25 record which might be strong enough to get them to the playoffs if they continue with the success they’ve had so far.

The Oakland Athletics Find Their Way to the Seventh Position

The MLB power rankings for Week 10 see the Oakland A’s in the seventh spot. This team has a record of 37-26 and was in the ninth spot last week. This is another team that doesn’t have a player that stands out among the crowd, but this team has been getting contributions from every position when it was needed.

The Houston Astros Drop to Eighth

Last week, the Astros were in the seventh spot, but this team is now in the eighth position. Don’t get too happy yet, it is entirely possible the Astros will be the American League West representatives when the playoffs begin. This team has a record of 35-26 and plays in a division with teams that haven’t been anywhere near the top of this list all year.

Looking at the Rest of the MLB Power Rankings for Week 10

9. Milwaukee Brewers 34-27

10. Chicago Cubs 35-27

11. New York Mets 30-24

12. Toronto Blue Jays 31-28

13. Cleveland Indians 32-27

14. New York Yankees 33-29

15. Atlanta Braves 29-30

16. St. Louis Cardinals 32-30

17. Kansas City Royals 29-31

18. Philadelphia Phillies 29-31

19. Cincinnati Reds 29-30

20. Miami Marlins 26-35

21. Seattle Mariners 31-32

22. Washington Nationals 25-33

23. Los Angeles Angels 30-32

24. Minnesota Twins 24-37

25. Detroit Tigers 25-36

26. Colorado Rockies 25-37

27. Texas Rangers 24-39

28. Pittsburgh Pirates 23-37

29. Baltimore Orioles 22-39

30. Arizona Diamondbacks 20-43

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