Top Ten Cutest Animals in Existence

Top Ten Cutest Animals in Existence

The cutest animals in the world can be found around the globe. Many of these animals have features we find cute while others are cute babies.

Let’s take a look at ten of the cutest creatures that you can see and enjoy. You’ll want to look at these pictures more than once to enjoy the amazing level of cuteness being offered.

Baby Hedgehog

You’ve Got to See the Baby Hedgehog

While hedgehogs by nature are pretty cute and they make fun little pets that do things that might seem a lot different than your typical cat or dog, a baby hedgehog is even cuter. Check out the little paws that look like they’re ready to reach out and give you a hug. Admire that little face and the tiny ears that are just as cute as they can be.

Slow Loris

See Just How Cute the Slow Loris Can Be

The first thing that grabs you about this animal is the pair of amazing large eyes that look like they belong on your favorite stuffed animal. The slow loris also has a small snout and nose to go with those eyes to give you one of the cutest faces you’ll see. There’s no denying the fact that the slow loris is one of the cutest animals in the world.

Gentoo Penguins

If You Love Penguins, Check Out the Gentoo Penguins

Admire the orange-red bills, white caps near the eyes, and the attractive white and black features. There’s more to making an animal cute than just what it looks like, penguins also walk, or waddle, in a very cute manner. Videos of the Gentoo penguins walking around can make your day when you’re looking for something cute to see and enjoy.


Meerkats are Among the Cutest Animals in the World

Meerkats have become such cute animals that they have their own television show called Meerkat Mansion. These little animals stand on their back legs and look like they are about to do something interesting while offering you a wry smile on their small and cute faces. The long tails, cute behavior, and enormous eyes make this animal one that you’ll want to watch and admire many times.

Baby Giraffe

You’ve Got to See a Baby Giraffe

If you want to see one of the cutest animals with one of the most expressive faces in the animal kingdom, a baby giraffe is what you want to see. While adult giraffes are pretty interesting to see and look a lot like large cows with long necks, the baby version has a face you’re going to want to see and enjoy. Check out the expression and let this cute little animal into your heart.

Koala Bear

There’s No Denying the Cuteness of Koala Bears

One of the cutest and most cuddly-looking animals in the world is the Koala Bear. This is an animal you should only admire in photos and from a distance. They have sharp teeth and claws that will be used if they feel threatened, which isn’t very cute behavior. In their natural environment, you can enjoy the way these animals slowly eat the leaves, bark, and bugs they find on trees.


Among the Fish in the Sea, Clownfish are Some of the Cutest

The colorful orange hue with white and black stripes makes the Clownfish one of the cutest animals you can find in the ocean. There are many colorful fish in the water, but clownfish are some of the only ones that are able to live in sea anemones which makes them even cuter. These reef plants help protect the fish and offer more color to these cute fish.

Sea Otters

Spend Time Admiring the Sea Otters at the Zoo

Nearly every zoo in the country has an exhibit of sea otters playing near the entranceway. Why do they do this? Because sea otters are some of the cutest animals in the world. You can spend lots of time watching these playful creatures try to crack crustaceans to get the meat out, slide down slippery banks, and swim around in the water.

Red Panda

Red Pandas are Certainly in the Running as the Cutest Animals on Earth

Red Pandas are much smaller than the ones you typically think of, which are giant pandas. This small animal has a long fuzzy tail and large dark eyes with small features and a round face. You can spend a lot of time seeing how cute and cuddly the red panda is an animal that many conservationists are working to save.

Giant Panda

Ok, Giant Pandas Must be on this List Too

If you want to admire a large animal that has melted hearts for years as one of the cutest animals in the world, the Giant Panda is what you want to see. Some of these amazing creatures have been adopted by zoos and protected. You’ll love the black and white fur of these cuddly-looking creatures that are just too cute for words.

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